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George St, Leeds, LS2 7AU

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New upmarket boutique shopping centre in the heart of Leeds (though, the other side of town to the Trinity Centre),and home to a collossal John Lewis, as well as Anthropolgie, Radley, Nepresso, Cau Restaurant, an artisianal bakery, a Hadleys, A white company and a few other upmarket chain stores.
Worth a visit if you are looking specifically for these places, or need a trip to john lewis.

The centre is marvellously parque floored and chandelliered, but aside from the named shops and a feeling of shopping somewhere classy (similar to the other arcade with Harvey Nichols in), there isnt a great deal to do whilst in there.

4 by Fenn Settle Review source

Lovely victorian decorated glass roofed arcade, with some small shops within keeping but more on the designer side than quaint local ones. Still, pleasant to walk through and not too pricey. As with much of Leeds though nowhere to sit and have a rest with the bags of shopping, unless you want to pay for a coffee or snack. Shame really as not everyone has bottomless pockets. Liked this arcade very much, put some wrought iron benches in and it would get more stars.

4 by Kimberley Stock Review source

Great shopping centre with a great variety of shops. Some may find it too expensive but it all depends on how deep your pockets are and what you consider 'expensive'. Parking is a bit of a nightmare but that's Leeds for you. There's plenty of nice cafes and restaurants in the area too so you can spend all day in this one area. Recommend to all looking to do some shopping.

5 by richard cjes23 Review source

Shopping centre is bit strange, many high end brands plus John Lewis, not many customers walking around. Feels like it needs attracting wider clientele to survive in Leeds. Place that deserves some attention while you're in Victoria Gate is Argentinian restaurant CAU, it's got a great vibe with amazing food served fresh and being delicious. Definitely worth popping in to.

4 by Review source

Poor access for pedestrians acess the parking . No automated doors. Doors are so very heavy. Would expect a slicker access for the new facility. Would not park here again on my own. Left feedback for management team let's see if they respond. It was hard with a pram let alone if a person is reliant on a wheelchair

2 by Louise Winder Review source

Good shopping centre, love the architecture, unfortunately the price tags aren’t for everyone. If looking to spend less money then visit trinity or corn exchange. I’d say this shopping centre is strictly for those who are making over 30K per year since it’s only designer clothes sold there and high-end high street brands.

5 by Daniela De Moura Review source

I love this shopping centre, I was like a child in a sweet shop, literally. I especially love the styling and the way it flows, I am sure that was the plan. I have been in alot of the shops but have not yet managed them all. I would highly recommend at least having a look it's definitely worth it.

5 by Kathryn Collins Review source

Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested. Every day at eight in the morning he was brought his breakfast by Mrs. Grubach's cook - Mrs. Grubach was his landlady - but today she didn't come.

2 by Jon Beech Review source

Amazing shopping area and they have the 2nd Harvey Nichols in the whole country. My friend loved the gin Dept upstairs which stock so many exotic gins. Laods of high end shops! Don't bring your credit cards as you're at risk of doing some serious damage!

5 by Annette Kallamu Review source

Great shopping experience! And charming surroundings.... mainly high end shops but everyone was really friendly ... even though we were just browsing and enjoying the centre's. The seating with the phone charging points were really welcome and useful.

4 by Paul Wilkinson Review source

Victoria Quarter and Victoria Gate in Leeds are two boutique shopping centres. They sit alongside each other and are nestled off Briggate and the new John Lewis shop. They house lesser known brands, which are at the higher end of the shopping experience.

3 by Mark Taylor Review source

Interesting shops. Unfortunately, I did not have my platinum credit card with me.
Special mention to Vivienne Westwood. whose staff treated my 7 year old granddaughter as a princess! No sale but this will stick in her mind for many years to come!

4 by Mark Clayton Review source

Well laid out and great choice of shops. The restaurants on site are great although on the higher end of many people's budgets although it's in keeping with the types of shops. Clean, high quality and a great addition to that end of the city.

5 by Jason Crispin Review source

Went to a Krav Maga class in the studio above Sweaty Bettys, so can't say much about the area itself. But from what I saw it was very clean and welcoming looking, with all the shops having a unique vintage look about their exteriors.

5 by Laura Griffin Review source

Victoria Centre has history, class, luxury, exclusive stores, ...... and everything a high class shopper with very deep pocket could wish for. It is definitely worth a visit even if you just want to window shop and enjoy the atmosphere.

5 by Mohsen Zia Review source

Fantastic if you are posh but if you can't afford the biggest brands at the highest prices then it's not a great shopping hub. Still had a few decently priced bits and it's really amazing to look at. 10/10 for shininess.

3 by Amanda Beech Review source

A new take on a traditional theme for this shopping centre. Elegant design gives the shop units a different feel as you walk round. The real bonus for Leeds is John Lewis. All in all a nice shopping experience highly recommended.

5 by Paul Preston Review source

Although main outlet is John Lewis there are also a good selection of refined outlets and up market places to eat whether as a meal or coffee break. modern building fitted out to a high and impressive standard. Not overly busy.

3 by Sarah H Review source

Leeds has probably the best selection of shops certainly from Manchester upwards situated pretty close together. The staff in the majority of the shops are very friendly and helpful especially Harvey Nicholls and Hollister.

4 by Review source

The Victoria quarter is a lovely Victorian building. They've really worked to keep the old detailing of the building, and at Christmas it is particularly beautiful. The shops are high end and generally well presented.

5 by Unashamed2b Review source

Great arcades dotted with plenty of upmarket chain and independent shops. If you need an outfit for a special occasion, you can probably get everything you need without leaving the Victoria Quarter but be prepared to pay!

5 by Karin Nielsen Review source

John Lewis has finally arrived in Leeds- hooray!!. Lovely store & easy access car park- really helpful staff. Range of othet shops & nice costa's. Nice venue to be in, great shopping when it's raining.

4 by Katie Lewis Review source

An absolutely stunning development in Leeds city centre. I'd heard that it was beautiful but I didn't quite expect it to be this level. It has some of the most impressive retail architecture you'll see!

5 by Gary Summers Review source

Exelent place to shopping. Theres places to sit and charge your mobile. Splendid architecture in my opinion. Many induvidual specialist vendors sells some special things with quality. Paradise for womans ;-)

5 by Durtu Treeman Review source

One of the Leeds gems in terms of arcades. Luxury and beautiful architecture with plenty to see. Is spacious and you never feel that is crowded. Is definitely a place to visit if you come to the city.

5 by Jorge Jaroslavsky Review source

Beautiful. Foodgasm-inducing eats and breathtaking shops; didn't venture in as they seemed out of my price range despite being the same high-street brands I see elsewhere. Bit chilly at night.

5 by Review source

Beautiful, modern architecture and a huge improvement on it has replaced. The shops won't be for everyone because some are high end but nevertheless a great asset for the city of Leeds

4 by Rich Bromley Review source

Brilliant selection of shops, always clean, lots of independent little cafes and just a stones throw away from the high street. Excellent addition to Leeds and a must for any shopping trip

5 by Stephanie Garner Review source

Beautiful addition to Leeds. Brilliant design and great placement. Architecture in Leeds just keeps getting better and better. great place to hang out if you want a high end experience.

5 by Tania Kuritzin Review source

One of my favorite places in Leeds. The shops are more on the top side and worth a visit. The most impressive for me is the construction of the building and halls.don't miss it

5 by Manni B Review source

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