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I visited this landmark not long ago, and I have to say that between Trafalgar Square and the nearby Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, the House of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey; all these historic places are definite must-sees for anyone visiting London.

When I last visited London, I arrived by tube from northern England to Piccadilly Station around 6:45am. There were very few people out and about at that time in the morning, at least when I went that was the case. I walked from Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square to take in the sights, enjoy the beautiful architecture, and snap a few pictures.

Then I walked down Whitehall Street, past the many monuments and statues, to where I spent some time at Big Ben and across the street at Westminster Abbey as well. As a lifelong student of history, I think I could've spent all day at the Abbey alone, perusing all the different areas of the parish and reading of all the historical figures buried there, however I moved on with my tour back across the street to the House of Parliament building.

After taking pictures of the Parliament building, I continued walking down the sidewalk of Whitehall Street to where the Parliament building ended and came upon a quaint garden somewhat secluded by a barrier of vegetation separating it from the hustle and bustle of busy London. A nearby placard informed me that this garden was known as Queen Victoria's Garden.

The garden is deceptively large when seeing it on a map, however the area feels like a small, floral oasis when standing inside its grounds. A short walk across the garden to its furthest perimeter (which borders the Thames River) produces several benches on which one can sit under the shade of nearby trees and enjoy a peaceful view of the Thames, London Bridge, and many other iconic London sights along that portion of the river.

It was on one of those garden benches that I spent time taking in the magnitude of the history that surrounded me, centuries worth of men and women who had walked these very streets, perhaps lounged in this very area. Famous scientists, politicians, academics, inventors, artists and so on had visited this very place - maybe not the garden itself, but this area of London. It was an overwhelming thought but one that made the grandeur of the surrounding landmarks even greater than I could have ever imagined from simply learning of them in a book or in school.

I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone visiting London to make time to see this part of the city, but especially those with a love of history. To think of all the famous Englishmen and Englishwomen who had walked through that area of London, some who had even been on the Abbey's grounds during their lives, was a real treat I'll never forget as long as I live.

5 by Review source

Great open area.. with a happening surrounding most of the time. You can click the photograph with multiple beautiful backgrounds and frames.

The site of Trafalgar Square had been a significant landmark since the 13th century and originally contained the King's Mews. After George IV moved the mews to Buckingham Palace, the area was redeveloped by John Nash, but progress was slow after his death, and the square did not open until 1844. The 169-foot (52 m) Nelson's Column at its centre is guarded by four lion statues. A number of commemorative statues and sculptures occupy the square, but the Fourth Plinth, left empty since 1840, has been host to contemporary art since 1999.

The square has been used for community gatherings and political demonstrations, including Bloody Sunday, the first Aldermaston March, anti-war protests, and campaigns against climate change. A Christmas tree has been donated to the square by Norway since 1947 and is erected for twelve days before and after Christmas Day. The square is a centre of annual celebrations on New Year's Eve. It was well known for its feral pigeons until their removals in the early 21st century.

5 by Shivang Kanoujia Review source

One of the must and most visited place. This is close to the center point of London (center point is the Charles I statue) Events, stage shows, London Diwali celebrations and other countries cultural festivals also do take place here. Most of the parade route are through here too. Nelson's column, the Lions in the square are of particular interest for the kids and adults alike. National Gallery is not to be missed with famous painter's paintings (incl Van Gogh's Sunflowers). Some of the nightclubs, theatres are also a short walking distance from here (towards Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus). Walk down the Whitehall for brilliant sight seeing buildings from Old War building, Horse Guards Museum (don't miss the parade and the evening inspection), 10 Downing Street, Imperial War Museum and of course Big Ben!! Other countries embassies can also be seen nearby here! Plenty of food places in and around this area. Free water is served in any London eateries - just ask for plain tap water. Toilet facilities are also available in the Square and the National Gallery. Wheelchair accessible in and around the area incl National Gallery!!

5 by T D B Das Review source

If you are visiting the UK from the USA then this is a 'must see'. This is one of the most historic landmarks North of the English Channel. You may have heard of Nelson, you may have heard of Napoleon with the boney parts. Trafalgar Square is the site where the English and Ancient Celts sided with the French and fought tooth and nail to defend the whole of Europe against the invading Australian forces during the battle of Castillon.

Of course history records that Australia won, but history is written by the victorious; which I feel is never a good idea. But hey ho.

Visit Trafalgar Square Castle while you are here it sells tea and scones these days and even provides maple syrup for our American cousins. But remember in 1453 this was where the one hundred years war against the Austrians ended, there might be ghosts here!

5 by Mowley Chris Review source

Arguably the most visited site in London also its busiest and chaotic place for sure. The Square was created in honor of Lord Nelson and the decisive sea battle he won against Napoleon Bonaparte. Home of the famous fountains and the lions; one will also admire the famous statute of Nelson sitting on his column overlooking the square.

From here roads point towards many of the tourist highlights of the city. There are frequent public events which draw large crowds. The expanses of open ground, and many sites of interest around, attracts a mass of visitors. It also used to attract a mass of pigeons, which the Public fed, thus encouraging even more birds to colonize the place. Its criminal to not visit this place on your London tour.

5 by Salil Natekar Review source

Trafalgar is a square in London that celebrates the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) and the British victory over the Napoleonic troops. Today's architecture of the square is the work of Sir Charles Barry and was completed in 1845. The square is also a popular venue for political demonstrations, the Nelson Column. The column is 50.3 meters tall and during the Second World War it was the target of the Nazi air force. Hitler wanted the statue to be blown up to show German domination over Britain. The lions at the base of the column appeared after the admirer Nelson's monument was built in 1867. The creator used a model lion from the zoo in London to recreate their resemblance to the real animals.

5 by Stefan Stefanov Review source

I still love visiting this part of the place called London
Well known all over the World for it views. The Art Galleries and all the West End theatres.

Written about in all sorts of books written by authors from all parts of the Globe. This can be awe inspiring for its gothic architecture; the constant sight of the famous red buses: transferring people from all over London. The once famous views of the pigeons are no longer encouraged to be fed there. With that has vanished the stall holder busy selling pigeon food.
Armed with good walking shoes; maps and energy; Trafalgar Square also has many quiet hardly noticed squares to explore also. Have a wonderful day out..

5 by Ginnette Hargreaves-Lees Review source

Traflagar Square is not one, but many attractions enshrined in an iconic corner of London. The master of the house is Lord Horatio Nelson, whose monument dominates the square, which celebrates his last stunning and fatal success at the battle of Cape Trafalgar against the Napoleonic fleet in 1805. The square is always full of people and things to do. It often hosts concerts and events open to the public and nestled at his northern side there is the world acclaimed National Gallery. It is one of the busiest places of the capital (even in night time, while in a bus I got stuck there for about an hour at 3am), the joint which connects the shining center with its institutional heart.

5 by pepze pepze Review source

As an iconic spot just based on history you should have a gander, however the atmosphere and artists here are amazing.

There's also some amazing trivia in the all the sculptures. Like the lions, that sculpture had never actually seen a lion. He sculptures from other art- head from stone pieces around he'd seen and the body from his pet dog! Also the material used is from the canons melted down.

The man (You can look him up so you're actually learning) only had 1 arm (eye & testicle too) the statue also has 1 arm, his right arm is actually his navy sleeve pinned to his waist - you can see this from the round about is best spot.

5 by Bubbles Toft Review source

Trafalgar Square is one of the iconic and historic landmark of London. Located at the heart of London with close proximity to Big Ben and Number 10 Downing Street, Trafalgar Square is the main entrance to Buckingham Palace, the Queen's official residence. Not only its opening space serve as a venue for free concerts and other public gatherings, it represents diversity, especially with all the various restaurants of world flavour around it and the connectivity to other areas of London. Most of night bus lines start and/ or end there. Its beauty is most admired in the night crossover lights and the movements of tourists. One of the venues to visit in life.

5 by Philippe Mandangi Review source

Historic square which was enhanced by converting the road passing in front of the National Gallery into a pedestrian space. Despite the make over I find the space somewhat disappointing considering its importance. The changing art work on the fourth plinth and the lions remain highlights and are always a great photo opportunity. Pantomime artists and buskers usually liven up the square as well, especially on weekends. In December it also hosts the Christmas tree, a Norwegian spruce which is donated annually by the city of Oslo in recognition to British support to Norway against the Germans in WW2. The tree is lit this year on 7 December 2017.

3 by Maxima Menos Review source

A beautiful place to take photos but be warned. Last time I was there I was taking photos with a photo group when security came up to me and said you can't take pictures even tho everyone was. So I said there is no rule on taking pictures I do security myself. He then called more security who said they will take my camera if I don't show them what's on it I was like call the police if it's a problem. In the end I called the police as I got grabbed, the police were really unhelpful and rude. Image you have done nothing wrong but get treatment like that here in your own country. Real idiots working around there be careful.

2 by Revy Review source

This review is probably best for those who are new to Trafalgar Square, If you start your day off at the national art gallery and enjoy the exquisite collection they house. Up stairs is a great restaurant Portrait with stunning views of the south of London and serving some of the best wines in London and the perfect light lunches. With the square you can stand at any point and walk in any direction and be guaranteed a great slice of London and her bustling culture. Walking down Pall Mall would be most ideal as the beautiful gardens eventually lead to Buckingham Palace.

5 by Brandon Barratt Review source

Beware of the following:

1. Night clubs on istiklal street!!! They are all thugs and thieves. You spend 10TL, they would bill you for 1000TL and then threaten and beat you.

2. Dont make a friend there, he will eventually take you to the club and loot you.

3. Dont stop near shoes polishers

4. Dont tell anyone that you are alone, even if you are!!

The place is good, but there are scammers all over the place.. Take care!!

The street is fine, you would enjoy walking, shopping and dining!

3 by Ahmed Akhawala Review source

I visited Trafalgar Square many times and recently during the cold blast; the square was beautiful with freezed fountains and snow on the famous lions.
Trafalgar Place is a must in the city centre, is surrounded by a few nice pubs and restaurants and it hosts the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery as well as St. Martin in the Fields church where regular concerts are held.
The Square is easy to reach walking from Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus as well as from Embankment and Charing Cross.

5 by Santino Puleio Review source

Remarkable place to stay. A lot of people, street activity and beautiful place. Just in front of the National Gallery, which is free to enter and near many opera places. Bunch of statues of important people like Horatio Nelson, King George IV, etc. Surrounded by many cafés, fountains, operas and embassies. The underground is near and is near other important thing to see in London, like the National Portrait Gallery. Definitely a place to share moment with you friend and family and a nice square to visit and view.

5 by Alejandro Sans Review source

It feels like a heart of London - all the buses, subway, people running all sides - and it all around that small spot of concrete with running water, where Nelson is looking out to France, mimes perform something as slow motioned as it can be and some old man is standing still waiting for the pigeons to come close. He has some breadcrumbs for them. Although it's probably not allowed - old people like feeding all the small creatures.
It's very peaceful here.

5 by Camellia Sunrin Review source

Extremely popular tourist hub and attraction, which hosts a variety of historic monuments, street art, festivals and events. Situated at the foot of the National Art Gallery museum, it always feels fun and welcoming as opposed to stuffy and pretentious.
On warmer nights especially, it provides a relaxed hangout for people who have come out of bars and clubs, people waiting for night buses etc, and generally anyone who wishes to experience the city at night.

4 by Toin Le Review source

A real focal point of any visit to London. There is frequently something new to see or do within the square as exhibitions or shows are held here. Even if there are no exhibitions, standing in the centre of Trafalgars Square you can just sit and watch the hustle and bustle that is the pulse of London.
There are lots of great restaurants and bars nearby as well as the square only being a short walk from some other major tourist attractions

5 by Sinéad Kenna Review source

Lots of restaurants to find great food and shops to see cool items. See amazing artwork from the greatest painters at the national gallery. And buy some cool art souvenirs at the gallery gift shop. Take selfies in front of the statue or the fountains in the square. My only disappointment is that there aren't a ton of public toilets outside of the gallery. But other than that, the square is an awesome place to visit. Come visit today!

4 by Kathryn Bannister Review source

What is there to say about trafalgar Square that you won't get out of a guide book? You need to see it if you are in London. There is a good chance there will be something interesting or unique happening. And it's easy to get around from here. Recently attended the Chinese new year show. While that was dissapoining, it was free and made the day more enjoyable overall. Take some pics, walk around, go to the next thing.

5 by Mircea Zloteanu Review source

A beautiful place always full of tourist from around the world. Flanked by Canadian House, National Gallery and Gateway to the Mall and Buckingham Palace. A symbol of commonwealth glory.
The street artists from amateurs to Masters of craft can always be found around the square showing their skills from Music, painting to Magician crafts. These artists made this square alive. A place full of culture and history.....

5 by Kashif Aziz Review source

Trafalgar Square is one of the most iconic squares in Europe it has the National Gallery and also Nelson's Column. In addition, there is an infamous fountain in the centre. Many people go there for the whole year be it in rain or shine. I personally love Trafalgar Square because of the ambience there are so many people that go there from all around the world and it gives a sort of flavour to the the whole area.

5 by Mopelola Adeseye Review source

One of the central landmarks of London, and a great base from which to see the city. It’s basically the center of the wheel with spokes leading off in all directions. You can head down to Westminster, up the mall to Buckingham Palace, up toward Leicester Square, or down the strand toward Covent Garden. In the area, you see loads of street performers and of the galleries nearby my favourite is the portrait gallery.

5 by Aaron Holloway-Nahum Review source

Situated right in the centre of the city. Oxford Street, picaddily circus, Hyde Park, Victoria circus at walking distance (1-2 miles). Good access to transportation- buses and tubes. Airport is 2 hours away, so plan your trip accordingly. Another great things about this place is the national gallery, which is at the square. Best to visit during off seasons. Click amazing photos. Many movies have been shot here!

4 by seema jaiswal Review source

Went to see the Christmas carols at the square. So much fun! Make a picnic of it take a cushion hot food and drinks. Loads of coffee shops around, you can sit on the steps to watch the singing. Cover up as it's windy generally! We tend to go watch for about an hour or two and get some dinner out! It's our annual Christmas tradition. You can go online to check which group will be playing on which day!

5 by Regina Antony Review source

Very beautiful, love the festivals they have here especially Diwali. Love seeing the enthusiasm in this place, is it as if entering this area just makes you happy. The traffic lights here have have men-men and women-women couples walking signs on them which I found really nice! There are busses and stations in good distance and many food options in this area as well. If you visit London do give it a look!

4 by S Ahmad Review source

House of the National gallery and Nelson's column.
The fourth plinth statue is replaced every 15 months. The current one is the recreation of ancient winged bull statue destroyed by Isis. In here you can enjoy the traditional paintings from street artists as well as food markets, festivals and more. Standing in the middle of it, you can see the Big Ben when facing towards the Thames river.

4 by Andrea Sonny Review source

Come for a quick visit and have a look around but really not a lot to see. Limited options of good restaurants and cafes. Lately there are way too many street performers. There are some really good events hosted on the square which if you can get it is worth a visit. When events are on there is normally no other access to the square and nothing except Nelsons Column sticking up above the stage.

3 by Johan Lonn Review source

Very nice place, one of the most popular square in London. There are always a lot of people, nice and warm atmosphere.You will never be alone there!
There is a lot of space to relax,near is wonderful British Gallery where entrance is free, a lot of shops around, restaurants,railway station, nice bookstores. Place with unique atmosphere and architecture.I strongly recommend to visit it!

4 by Idalia Roberta Kurowska Review source

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