The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace - Westminster, London

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Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster, London, SW1W 0QH

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So Granny and two children (6 and 4) visited the Royal Mews on Sunday.

All most enjoyable, and I wish to share the following conversation:

We are looking at one of the State Coaches, which has alongside it screen footage of Her Majesty leaving Buckingham Palace, loaded with ermine, velvet and diamonds, accompanied by Household Cavalry, bands, the whole works.

Conversation goes thus:

Granny: 'Oh look Alastair, there goes the Queen, to open Parliament I daresay'

Footage then cuts to carriage and accompaniments trundling up the Mall, and into Buck Pal again.

Granny: 'And here they are coming back again'

Alastair: 'Oh - did she forget something?'

What joy

4 by Review source

This little gem, just on the other side of Buckingham Palace, is something every horse and carriage lover should visit. I was a little apprehensive at first, when my wife suggested we go, but once we started the tour, it was rather engaging and interesting. Several of the Queen's carriages are on display to view that chronicle the history of their usage and the events they were used for. There were a few of the horses in their stalls to view, but no petting allowed. It's a quaint little spread that shows just how much more work is involved with accommodating the royalty, during special functions.

5 by Jim Morvay Review source

A mews is so called because it was, in bygone times, the place where the Monarch kept their hunting birds (falcons, hawks, eagles etc) when the went through their moulting (shedding old feathers and growing new). They were vulnerable during this time, and a bit of a mess! So they went to the mews for safety - bit of a holiday! In time, horses were stabled there, but the name stuck around. The Royal Mews now has horses, the famous carriages and some of the Royal cars, and is home to some of the staff that care for the Palace, grounds and animals.

5 by Christopher Ross Review source

This was way better experience than I expected. My wife purchase tickets in advance, which there was no lines. They had an audio tour, which is self lead. During the tour you got to see the carriages, cars, stable, and riding training area. There were about 6 carriages that we saw, which the history was provided by the audio tour. The stable area didn't have any horses in it and they stated it is rarely used. Overall it was a great experience and I would highly recommend it.

5 by Steve Parent Review source

I need your help dear Queen Elisabeth II,

What would you do with a your country, if you become a criminal ? Because in Germany, we have such a intertionally the process fraud, theft commits by falsification of evidence ! German lawyers are already used to that, but a judge also sings so deeply I would never have dreamed that. Incidentally, the stupid judge is Melanie Krapf from Coburg/Bravaria, who is ditching an honorable office ! ?

4 by Rico Starke Review source

An amazing experience! Not sure it is worth the £11 per adult (horses aren't cheap to up keep!) but it is certainly worth a visit to see the horse carriages/coaches. Not something most of us see up close! The hand crafted detail is phenomenal to say the least. You get to see one or two of the horses too and the old stables etc. Interesting reading info as you walk round and through. See one of the old cars too that is used by Royals still.

5 by Adam Lee Review source

Very disappointing. We queued for 1/2 hr even though we had pre booked! And £9 was excessive for what we saw. There 2 horses only for us to see, all the rest of the stables were empty. I remember going as a child probably 50 years ago and even now I can rember that there were lots of horses and a lot of activity going on with grooming etc, far more net resting. I felt we had been ripped off this time,

2 by Review source

Unassuming from the doorway, the Mews should be a must stop for those interested in the history of the Royal tradition in transportation - or lovers of anything equestrian! The audio tour is perfect to learn about the history. Much is outdoors, but under cover of the news roofline.
A very interesting stop in London. The gift shop also has some great items not seen elsewhere.

4 by Road Abode Review source

Overall very few things to see if you are not super duper into coaches/carriages. Horses seem to be in the boxes all day, although I honestly do not now how often they might have access to a paddock. Guides standing around were not very polite to us just because we happened to be standing in the vicinity of a private tour.

2 by Review source

Really love the way that the traditional steps to running the mews have been kept and the skills are still being passed on so we will not lose them which is hard to do in the days of getting things done faster and using technology to remove human skills, which is a shame to lose completely.

5 by Graeme Foster Review source

What they showed was really interesting. However I have to admit that we expected a larger collection for the price paid. Staff were helpful and friendly explaining the exhibits. Plus the free audio guide received at the entrance is really good It's 8 pound per adult

4 by M Elsaid Review source

Getting the opportunity to see the Queen's Royal carriages was very exciting. I particularly liked seeing the State Coach. Since 1820, the Royal Mews as acted as the Royal stable, carriage house and during the last one hundred years, the limousine garage. Wonderful tour.

4 by Roger Parrish Review source

Cool place to check out. Nice to see the horses and the extravagant carrages used by the Royal family. Ok to experience once if you're walking by and have the time but wouldn't go out of my way. Took about 40 minutes to walk around and we took our time.

3 by Caitlin Bart Review source

Excellent guides, super for children and very accommodating staff. Good value when you can convert your entry ticket to a yearly pass without any additional cost.
The only negative is that you have no way if knowing if/ when which horses will be present.

4 by Lyndsey Phillpot Review source

It was so amazing, I'm only 13 then and i really enjoy it! I recommend this place! Especially when you are early and waiting for the Changing of guards to start at buckingham palace, definitely worth while, I'll LOVE. To go back there!

5 by Review source

The self guided tour was a leaves a bit to be desired, great to have it but could have been clearer in terms of labeling if you want to go through at a different pace. The information regarding the mews, the exhibits, etc. were all excellent.

4 by John Cooley Review source

Nice museum. Impressive coaches. Very good tour guide from a free tour. Not very expensive but neither takes too much time. In 45 minutes to an hour you have seen all. But lot of nice background information and for us an addition to the trip.

4 by kelly Leuverink Review source

A lovely place too visit, there weren't many people there like most other tourist attractions in London, and I don't know why cause it was one of the best attractions I've visited on my trip. Definitely worth a visit!

5 by Wim Vanhaverbeke Review source

Very nice place and a lot of interesting things you can hear about the place and usage of carriages till nowadays. Well organised and very nice guide tours. I had nice chat with people working there and for sure I will visit again.

5 by Dawid Jaskot Review source

It worth the visit. This is not an expansive place where you can see the royal carriages, history of royal transportation an the horses. It's not usually crowded so you can take your time at the spots. Better than I expected.

5 by Rafael Franco Review source

Somewhere I hadn't thought about visiting til we were actually walking past it. I'm glad we did visit. Got to see the amazing carriages and some of the horses. Very interactive in many languages and child friendly.

5 by AJ Haydon Review source

I was Surprised at how much I enjoyed this event that I went back again with my son aswell only takes an hour or so but make sure you go on the free guided tour and both times I did I had different knowledge shared.

5 by Ian West Review source

Interesting stables and coaches with free audio guide. Mostly outdoors. Diamond jubilee coach was a highlight as well as saying hi to the horses. Force you to go through the gift shop. Cost £11 in Feb 2018

4 by Erin Bart Review source

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the horses and carriages. Not very busy so we wondered around at our leisure which was good. Will definitely go again as we got our ticket stamped so now a free one year pass.

5 by Angela KEMP Review source

Very nice to see how the horses and carriages are kept. The main gold plated one is an absolute stunner. Theres also a small room with kids activities which was great for the kids. Well worth the visit.

4 by Deepu John Review source

The most amazing place to visit especially if you like horses, we were able to watch the horses being groomed and get up close and personal to them. All the amazing carriages are here as well.

5 by Estelle Gillett Photography Review source

Great place to see the behind the scenes working of the palace. Take a look at the Royal family's modes of transportation and the stables themselves. The Queen names the horses!

4 by Jackie Roewe Review source

The carriages were beautiful but only 4 horses were on show to the public. I was told there were 32 horses altogether!!!. Disappointing as we really only wanted to see the horses.

3 by Review source

Lovely visit, an oasis of calm in central London. Great look at all the carriages and some horses to see. Excellent audio guide. Staff friendly and helpful. Really enjoyed it.

5 by Sue Hughes Review source

Great to check the coaches and horses.
Excellent for kids. Doesn't worth it check it you have limit time in London but for those with more time is a great option.

4 by Isabel Marques Review source

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