County Oak Retail Park - Crawley

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Metcalf Way, Crawley, RH11 7XN




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Nice place with selection of shops, parking a little difficult especially at key times, however nice venue. Has B & M, pets at home, halfords, pc World, argos, next, hobby craft, a boots collection point for med, Costa coffee, argos. Very busy at peak times. Would advice getting there earlier, otherwise can be long wait in car to park. Also not best layout of roads in out of car park or shops or walking space for pedestrians. Keep eyes peeled and definitely the hands of children.

5 by Ann Stuart Review source

Not nearly enough parking spaces given it's location. The big problem is they allow 3 hours which just encourages abuse. Who needs 3 hours, besides taxi drivers? It should be 60-90 minutes to ensure rotation of vehicles. I see other people are complaining that 3 hours isn't enough! I'd love to have your job where I could afford to waste 3 hours wandering round a generic, windswept shopping centre.

1 by Paul Mann Review source

Good place to shop. There is Boots, Tkmax, Curry, PC World, B&M, Benson bed, Argos, Halfords. And many more have a large car park but It does get busy on Saturday and Sunday for parking however easy to park during weekday. This is easy to shop here with Aldi supermarket and M&S store. Car park is free which is cheaper parking in Crawley.

5 by Clive Ellis Review source

Great place to come if you use the shops here, however since the extension of more stores across the road, parking is an issue, more shops great but it really needs extensive parking now. Multistorey would've definitely been a better solution, but parking like most places seems to be an afterthought, so if you can get here in the morning.

3 by Shona Heather Review source

Generally parking is fine here but today it was a nightmare because if Easter bank holiday. There are a range of shops including Halfords, Currys, Argos, Next, TKMaxx and B&M TO name a few.

Costa is an added bonus. We enjoy coming here to spend half a day and collecting all the things we need. Definitely recommend a visit.

3 by Saleem Pothiwala Review source

Parking is an absolute nightmare here but the shops are okay. You don't go just to get all your shopping done, its not like a shopping centre. But if you need a particular shop you can go and use that, and if you have to wait for something like we did, then there is a Costa Coffee central to everything. Which also has a loo.

3 by Andy C Review source

Good selection of shops: Next, Boots, Hobbycraft, Curry's, Halfords, B&M Stores etc. Supplemented by Acorn Park across the road with Aldi, M&S, Smyth's.
Parking can be very busy and access slow as entrance gets obstructed by tailbacks from the town recycling centre during good weather.

4 by Peter Chapman Review source

The park has great stores but seriously lack of parking. If you don't arrive before the stores open, you will be driving around hunting for a space. Worth using the bus or try parking next door where the Aldi is, and let's hope someone will listen and build more spaces for cars...

4 by Viktor Kery Review source

A decent shopping park with a dozen decent sized shops, B&M is a good new addition and there is a Costa and a new Aldi, Smyths and M&S food hall the next road over within easy walking.

Only problem is the parking, it’s manic and tricky to find a space at peak times.

4 by Iain Buchanan Review source

There is a good selection of shops but the parking is terrible. Getting in and out our even around the car park isn't easy. The nearby tip backs up blocking the entrance causing lengthy jams.
Visit at a quiet time, then it's very handy for pickups from Argos etc.

4 by Richard Vidler Review source

Made of:
Hobby Craft
Bensons Beds
Currys and PC World
Pets at Home
And also just a short walk across the road you have:

4 by The Crohn Jewels Review source

It’s a good little place with some good shops but parking is a nightmare, they keep adding new stores and they really need to either build under or build above as it creates queues that block the main roads all around at peak times

4 by Liam Thompson Review source

I went to the halfords but there looked like there was a good varity of chain stores there but the parking was really bad went round for 15 mins trying to fined a spot and itblopked like everyine else was doing the same thing.

3 by Bethan Whittick Review source

It's a retail park with a terrible carpark so be prepared to queue just to park and then try not to get run over getting to a shop ! A variety of stores and 2 Costa coffee's so once you are parked fill your boots

3 by Grant Gill Review source

Always crazy busy at Christmas but good selection of shops. Only real gripe...Would be a bit better if staff could take cigarette breaks behind the scenes, didn't approve walking my children through their smoke

4 by Barney Warner Photography Review source

I use the Costa Coffee in the Next store occasionally, which allows me to have a quiet drink and then a look around the shop. The coffee shop is comfortable whether you are on your own or meeting friends.

4 by Beverly Cox Review source

Parking is ok there's a Next, Boots, Argos TK Max, Hobby Craft, Harvey,B&M, Curry's PC world and Halfords and with Aldi and M&S food a short walk away it's quite a good place to shop

4 by Paula James Review source

Depending on when you go there is almost no parking, have struggled with it every time I have been. But there is a great selection of shops and they are all wheelchair accessible if that is what you need.

4 by Google Home Review source

Now that B&M have opened here the place is a lot busier and it often takes a while to get into and out of the carpark. Other than that they're is a good selection of shops to choose from.

4 by Neil Julier-Goodwin Review source

Beware of parking fines, it's easy to lose track of time whilst shopping, we had a terrible time trying to get a parking fine revoked. Luckily the retailers head office sorted it in the end

4 by Allison Porter Review source

Shops are great, good variety of large department stores but the parking is beyond ridiculous. Spend as long getting into the car park and finding a space as you will shopping.

3 by Adam Warland Review source

Great having so many shops in one place and a good variety too. Carpark exit creates too much traffic in such a busy industrial estate. Parking can become stretched at times

4 by Faith c Review source

Different variety of shops and because they are the larger stores you will definately have a larger choice compared to in town. Plenty of parking and open a bit longer too

5 by Kevin Bickharry Review source

Parking situation is beyond ridiculous good luck during busy periods would be quicker and easier to crawl or to crawl up in a ball and roll to the places you need to be

2 by joseph anderaon Review source

The few large retail outlets are very good however parking is a nightmare with the chances of scratch on the door or side is fairly high due to tight parking spaces

3 by Paul Allievi Review source

Frustrating carpark with only one entrance. Only given three hours which is not long enough to explore all shops, and use the cafe facilities in next or Costa.

2 by Review source

Very popular. Bit soulless but a good (if unsurprising) selection of shops. Gets very crowded at weekends and on bank holidays. Parking is good.

3 by Holly B Review source

Only issue with this place is parking but apart from that it's a good place to go. If you like coffee it has a small Costa and it is small

5 by Dean Smith Knutsen Review source

Always busy, only one way in and out the car park, which is full of numties who can't park properly, compounding the parking issues.

3 by Karen Chappell Review source

Good location. Plenty of parking. Costa Coffee on site and in Next. Good pharmacy at location open long hours. Nice selection of stores.

4 by M17el M17el Review source

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