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Just finished my kemo a queens x went to pick up some shopping. for a quit shop went lidls .... at the till a old Asian man was serving... he totally ignored me talking to another staff member in a Asian .but looking at me !!!!! So I said what are you saying I don't understand you !!!!!! And I'm finding it uncomfortable..... his reply!!!!!!!!!!!! Was!!!!! shut up white woman I can talk to you how I like !!!! I own the uk !!!! Your are nothing !!!!!!! I can do what I like to . you ..., totally destought ... I went to the manager ..... I told him what was going on to find him just as unhelpful !!!! I even had another customer tell him ... I was called a white women ... and the man said he can do what he likes .... iv call the Dagenham post and there head office ...... as soon as I gets respond . I only hope the post shames them .,,,,, I will go there again with my husband .. a Sargent at liford police station... let see if this happens again ....... Dagenham store ... long bridge road .... my husband want me to file a report... as being scared to go there alone again is not how use people should leave ....

1 by Review source

I am permanent customer since 20years approximately and I always had a nice stuff indeed in a good reasonable price but today while shopping I was busy to chose the things and my trolley just left cause I came few steps back to pick something same time one white guy probably was shelfing came and said in a very improper way to move I said sorry which I had to because of my negligence .after two minutes when I was alone all of sudden I heard wrong word plus bad look from same person and he pretended that he is on radio he went to see the lady was serving till then I specifically checked that he cannot say that word to that respectable lady on phone. There was a one Indian guy as well even he saw his rude attitude. Anyway in the end I don't want to peruse this complain but believe me I love Lidl and its human helping stuff therefore I wanted to inform my sincere opinion because it can leave bad impacts on business. God bless Lidl business but I 'll never visit this Lidl I 'll go another one because I love Lidl. Please forgive him but make sure not anymore hurting customer. I had.

2 by Tariq Gul Review source

Generally very good quality stuff, usually better than the own brand and sometimes better than the branded equivalents at other supermarkets and usually (but not always) at cheaper prices.
Goods aren't always well displayed and the place can be a bit crowded, sometimes long queues at the tills. Product ranges can sometimes be a bit limited compared to the likes of Tescos and Sainsburys but cooked meats and deli often has stuff you can't find elsewhere.
I choose Lidle for almost all my shopping nowadays.

4 by JP Zajac Review source

Always take from the bottom in the bakery section as they get a lot of flies there and Eastern European people sneezing on the goods.
Good store but queuing is ridiculous.
At certain times of the day there are a lot or morons in there and at least once a week there is a wrestling championships with council house shop lifters...Always was your hands when you get home

5 by Review source

Lidl is great for groceries and household items. I am especially keen on their kitchen products as these are of very good quality and I find their prices to be very reasonable. I have bought a sewing machine from Lidl and I absolutely love it, I've also bought a few electrical items from this shop and it's always good value for money.

4 by Sahara Gold Review source

Has an interesting collection of Christmas & New Year foods, such as marzipan & other continental cakes, which other supermarkets don't have. Large jars of pickled gherkins are also very cheap & go down well with the eastern European people who come to the Source for free meals (over 10,000 feed in 2017).

3 by Michael Taylor Review source

Staff at checkout wouldn't accept old £1 coin today, 3 days before the deadline, until I queried it with a manager. Embarrassing for the checkout person, who had obviously been told NOT to accept them, and delayed everyone else in the queue. Poor show Lidl!

2 by Review source

I like shopping in Lidl, everything I need is there, prices are affordable, 5 minutes walk from where I live, staff are fantastic and helpful if you need them. Tills are well manned but not all the time sometimes it is a headache with queues.

5 by sauda mcgahan Review source

Very friendly staff

I take care of all the groceries shopping at home and by far Lidl is the most convenient store in Barking. The staff are very courteous and friendly. You can literally enjoy your bill when you shop at Lidl.

5 by Kasthuri BV Review source

Not a bad shop, handy to pick up day to day groceries at cheap prices, sometimes struggle to park here as not many spaces, place always looks clean, staff are friendly, don't think I could personally do a full weeks shop here.

4 by JAY GODDARD Review source

Has all the basics bit if you're after more exotic products you will have to find a bigger store. Can be quite busy at times and staff levels are not the greatest but thats Lidl! The quality of the meat is always good.

4 by Slim Blue Review source

This is a great Lidl, plenty of parking, fresh in store bakery and a great range of products. There are new self service tills which are great. This is a busy location so be prepared to queue.

5 by Paul Hooper Review source

Awful place!!!! This is my local Lidl and as much as I like Lidl products, especially the great Wine section, this store is way way to busy Chadwell Heath store much more civilized.

1 by william beckett Review source

The staff here are very friendly and they always have lots of stocked up products. They have expanded the store which means its not cramped and also have a self service checkout

5 by Faheem Malik Review source

Very good only went in for a pie walked out with duck breast fillets roast pots three fish roast and a bag off pot gratins of and bottle valpochello forgot the wife's wine

5 by Review source

Mayesbrook park is an excellent park. It is suitable for small children, teenagers and adults. It has a small gym where everyone can go for free. It is also a very safe park

5 by Review source

Lidl is a place where you find fresh food, drinks and nuts. Moreover, you have to keep your eyes on the leaflet for some DIY tools. Friendly staff and free parking..

5 by Review source

Would suggest avoid going by car, very limited parking at peak times. Great shop overall, great quality fruit and vegetables, decent selection, awesome bakery

5 by Review source

Why is there always no staff on checkouts so long queues,yet when one of the staff are waiting to pay they open one for sort your damn shop out!!!

1 by Maggie Barnes Review source

Realy like Lidl in Longbridge Road. Everything is layed out nicely and easy for me as a disabled customer. Staff are always chearful, helpful and polite.

5 by Review source

Good value food but a few of the staff have very serious attitude problems. Also the self service machines often don't give the right change.

3 by Lee Irving Review source

Large queues at tills even during busy shopping periods such as weekends due to not putting enough staff on the tills and having plenty not being used.

2 by Gurpreet Bhatia Review source

They are a clean shop
Have most of what you want
Always pleased to assist you
Have a wonderful middle isle of goods very cheap

5 by Kathy Eves Review source

The bakery is the best thing in this supermarket. Also good options of food from around the world and cheaper than the bigger supermarkets.

4 by Sueli Bimbato Review source

Dislike this shop. If you have a spare hour waiting for the queue to go down. Very Poor Service. Don't even want to give a 1 star

1 by Eileen Parker Review source

The customer service here is great. Longer lines than I'd like, but still manageable. Their bakery has really good croissants!

5 by Amie Dibba Review source

It's pretty good but one thing they should fix, the self-checkouts. I mean the system is slow and sometimes got a lot of bugs...

4 by Review source

Very clean, very helpful staff only downfall is carpark...hard to find space in busy times... And most important cheap quality food.

4 by Michal Valent Review source

Seen it grow over the years, overall good however quite a few empty shelves over the weekend, fruit and veg lasts for a day or two...

4 by Review source

Professional and friendly staff. Good variety of products, usually clean and tidy. Parking available and buses outside the store.

5 by Psychology with Kristina Review source

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