Newcastle City Hall - Newcastle upon Tyne

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Northumberland Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8SF

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The city hall is small for big concerts theres no room sit down seats crammed in ! They should take away the seats on the ground for people dance and move around ! Have standing area ! Thats a down fall! The barr where sell drinks not many seats around ! should have more seats! But drinks cheap l give 2 stars ! city hall needs lot off things doing ! I would change take seats out ground floor have standing area for big concerts like status quo ! The room too small ! Also needs painting out bit out date with deco ! Needs lot new stuff like carpets walls painted bit shabby ! needs good clean ! staff at barr good ! make you wellcome ! But its not for big concerts ! Take away seats good painting updated it could be good concert place l rate it 2 out 10 needs inprofments lot done to city hall

2 by john anderson Review source

Gorgeous venue but seriously lacking facilities. Staff told us we were not allowed to leave the venue during the interval and if we did we would not be allowed back in. We just wanted a bit of fresh air, but the only space outside was the steps behind barriers, and they were crowded with smokers, so much so that there was a queue to go out for a cigarette. For someone who doesn’t smoke, standing amongst it was disgusting. Such a lovely venue inside, but massive queues for the bar and queue for the toilets were all the way up the staircase, not very safe especially if there was an emergency. Event staff were unhelpful and downright rude. We will not be coming back here, such a shame as the show was fantastic!!!

1 by Review source

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters, 24th November 2017 City Hall, great stuff Great musicians and Robert as good as ever . We were in the middle balcony ,had a good view, sound was decent with a good atmos .5 stars so far . Unfortunately, the evening was marred by very cramped seating and no air con ,not what concert goers expect in 2017, especially at 2017 prices !.£61on this occasion. We were glad when the encore came, not because the gig was coming to an end but because the audience stood up. Funny that, paid for a seat but were more comfortable standing ! I know funds are low but come on City Hall ,please do something about that very cramped seating.

3 by Review source

I usually really enjoy the city hall but on this occasion of watching Jason Manford I was disappointed as we were in the right of the circle and could mostly only hear him past other people and the safety barrier. The bar in the interval was shocking they just didn't cope with demand we were in the queue from the start of the interval and didn't get served until he was back on stage and then they wouldn't let you into the second half with your drinks... Not a great night for me and considering their prices will look elsewhere first in future, shame.

3 by Sarah Scott Review source

Whole evening was spoilt they allow alcohol in and drunken people who were silly during the singing shouting out and deliberately out if sink with choir. People kept getting up during the performance to bring more drinks in. Despite complaints from the respectable peoole. Security did nothing just were not interested. Never again will I go back there. It's a shame as these tickets to see Sister Act were a birthday present. City Hall managers get your 'act' together.

1 by Margret Wright Review source

Lovely old entertainment hall.
The seating is not suitable for some people quite uncomfortable as very narrow and low.
We couldn't see the show a lot of the time as late arrivers were allowed to be shown to their seats well after the show
Commenced . People were getting up and down for drinks throughout and it was annoying if you want to have drinks throughout the show go and sit in the bar or at the back.

3 by Anne Fothergill Review source

This venue has some great shows but doesn't seem able to cope with large crowds. Large queue to get in which was inefficiently dealt with means only got to my seat just before the show started and didn't have time to get a drink. Huge slow queue at the bar in the interval meant we missed the start of the second half. Sat in the upper section and found the seats uncomfortable with little or no leg room.

2 by Review source

here now great venue and bill Bailey superb would have given 5 stars but evening ruined by long ques to get in. being shoyed at and treat like cattle and and even longer wait for slow disinterested bar staff. such a shame. surely they know how many people are coming and can set up the bar to handle it.really spoilef a fantastic night.come on city hall at £100 for two tivkets you can do better than this !!!

2 by Review source

I am disabled and I'm in a wheelchair but I have never had any problems with my chair at this venue. There are plenty of spaces for people in wheelchairs next to the other seats in the main hall. Getting in and out of the venue is very quick and easy as well and there are disabled toilets not too far away either. If you're in a wheelchair then you will be able to get in to this venue easily.

4 by Review source

Love this venue more for fond memories of the wonderful bands I've seen. Staff incredibly helpful with a member of my party with physical problem but not enough bar staff means you either have to get in 2 hours before the show starts or stress about getting a preshow drink or missing the start of the show. Access not great, seats not wonderful but the memories wonderful

4 by Peter Conlin Review source

It's lost a bit of its kudos since mergeing with the the theatre royal, long queues for everything, the vendors in the auditorium have been dispensed with, security staff stop you from taking plastic bottles in , but we challenged them ,after waiting for a supervisor to come,we were let in after explaining I had a medical condition,which means I need plenty of water.

4 by Andrew Williamson Review source

Excellent night of comedy. My only complaint was the lack of leg room in our seats. We were sitting on the balcony in the central section and I had to sit sideways during the whole performance. I am quite tall 5'7 but not unusually tall. There were a lot of uncomfortable people sitting near us. I have never had this problem before at the City Hall.

4 by Caroline Fletcher Review source

Classic city centre venue that has hosted everyone who is anyone in music, comedy and entertainment in the last 5 decades. Basement bar is very busy but essential at show time, toilets have had a long overdue refurb downstairs. Sound in the auditorium is a bit iffy at the back under the balcony. O actually prefer upstairs due to superior view and audio.

4 by Cuthbert Tournesol Review source

This has a lovely main auditorium with great character to it. That said, some parts look a bit tired maybe. The bar has generic beers at the bar, both in fridge and on tap. Honkers is as adventurous as they get. The queue for the only girls toilet was massive at the interval, but it did go down quickly. No such problems for boys of course!

4 by Daniel McGwinn Review source

The seating can be awkward here, not all seats face the stage, particularly on the balcony. But there aren't very many obstructed views anymore now that they removed the columns from the stalls area. We've seen a couple if shows here, audio is pretty good. And from the stalls you're out in no time at the end of the show.

4 by Michiel Nijemeisland Review source

Telephoned by Janet (after I`d sent an email) to book tickets for The Proclaimers Night and was so lucky to be dealt with by this lady who was friendly, amiable and so informative that I couldn`t have wished to have anyone better deal with my request. She was really helpful and in a couple of minutes everything done. Thank you Janet

5 by Carole Forster Review source

Just watched Greg Davies. Great show but it was over 30C in there, no ventilation. Also, rather bizarrely, the bar staff wouldn't let me keep the bottle top from the plastic bottle of water I bought as they said it posed a security risk as a 'closed drink'. Like I was going to lob it from the balcony?! Lunatics.

3 by Andy Dennis Review source

Whilst the drinks were remarkably reasonably priced for a theatre, the seats (at least on the balcony) were incredibly uncomfortable and apparently designed with hobbits in mind. There was zero leg-room, and a stifling temperature, which rather took the edge off an otherwise excellent performance by Dara O'Briain.

2 by Review source

First time been had few problems from Las at box office when went to see Duran Duran was to do with the tickets that where sent but Las didn't seem bothered about the situation, and got a cd from the support act and cd didn't work in the car, it does on stereo at home but it should work on any cd device

4 by christopher davidson Review source

Great atmosphere, good acoustics, but the lack of legroom is a massive drawback. I'm 5' 10' and could barely move, knees jammed up against the seat in front of me. Poor, given the prices they charge for tickets. Also, the gents is like a swimming pool, more water on the floor than in the toilets!

3 by Ian Dodd Review source

Nice small venue, however bring money as there are no card transactions in the bar. Typical of most theatres the leg room is atrocious, be prepared for some discomfort! However staff are friendly and helpful, and the venue is clean and tidy.

4 by Michaela Bailey-Tippins Review source

Saw dara O briain live here. Brilliant show, really enjoyed it. The hall is a smaller venue but it is well equipped and I think it was better than being in a huge arena. Will definitely return at some point. Would love to see a band here.

5 by Joseph Stoves Review source

Great venue. First time there and went to see Dara O'Briain. Downsides: seats quite small, especially if the guy next to you thinks he can manspread! Also, cash bar! What's that all about? 21st century contactless required!

4 by Alasdair Kirby Review source

Saw Texas and it was amazing. 4 stars as there is a limited amount of space in the seats and the bar staff had to remove the cap from a bottle of water so we couldn't store it easily when seated. Overall experience was good

4 by Gem Alderson Review source

View not great from the upstairs seating on the sides. Could only see half the stage and even that was blocked by the safety rail. Otherwise a good venue. View would be fine downstairs or upstairs straight on to the stage.

3 by Craig Falcus Review source

Too many seats crammed into too small a space. Only a midget could be comfortable with the lack of leg room. Wont be back. Shame really as a gorgeous venue for live music. Just not worth the cramped conditions.

3 by james tastybake Review source

Last Night of The Proms for Daft As A Brush Cancer Patient Care. Saturday 14th October 2017. Great night of music with Professional and amateur musicians all giving their time to this wonderful charity.

5 by Anne Newland Review source

Beautiful old decor with great sound quality, could hear and see the act well but the temperature in the room was far too hot. Improved ventilation for hot days and improved leg room would really help

3 by Review source

Not great for anyone in a wheelchair, especially when the audience stand. Pushed to the side out of the way. Staff weren't very helpful, either. The two stars are for its past glories, alone.

2 by David Craig Review source

A good all seated venue for live music, comedy and similar entertainment. Reasonably sized and with a decent bar in the basement, however very busy before shows and in the intervals.

3 by Neil Sheriff Review source

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