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My vegan friends gave great reviews but it was some months after it opened that I went. It was almost empty when I arrived with my friend and baby. There was 1 other table.
From the start the waitress kept coming to ask for our order, it got to the point where we had to tell her to just leave us and we will call her over when we're ready. We felt like she was bored and wanted to have something to do.

As soon as we ordered that was it, she almost disappeared and never returned until the meal came, but I wanted to order a drink so had to wait until she resurfaced. I can't remember how long we waited but it was well over 30 minutes. The chips came first and were cold. Then our mains followed quite slowly which made the chips even colder. She took them away and they came back warm. My meal was OK but didn't live up to expectations from my friends. It was some quinoa bowl with veggies.

We wanted to order more drinks during our meal but again the waitress was no where to be seen even though the restaurant was still quiet. It just seemed so bizarre how at the start she was all over us and then she was gone!

Anyway, I wouldn't return again. And now they've started serving meat and fish I definitely won't. I feel like the owner is a sell out. It got such publicity in the papers for being the only veggie/vegan place on bold street and now she wants to 'give options to everyone'. There's no humane way to slaughter animals. I do not believe animal flesh can be considered ethical in any way, not even organic. If people don't want to eat veggie/vegan for 1 meal that's their own ignorance but to start selling meat to please others...no thanks I don't want to fund your business.

1 by Jennifer Bottomley Review source

possibly one of the worst experiences I've had..the staff were dull, unpleasant and not in any way friendly! after ordering only 2 breakfast we waited 45 minutes for the food to come, I watched 2 other couples eat full meals before our food even came! not to be to picky but I asked for lightly toasted toast, no black pudding and no tomatoes, the girl was in a world of her own, she didn't even welcome us when we came in yet she was stood doing nothing (girl with nose piercing). it came with no tomato, fantastic, but came with black pudding and my toast was rock hard with no butter, no napkins were even brought for God sake! we werent even at any point asked how our meals were, basic stuff! by the time the food came I was that hungry I just got on with it and ate. after eating we were about to leave and the girl came over to the table took the plates didn't say thank you for coming, how was everything, have a nice day. who ever the manager is please get better staff with manners and improve the times in which the meals come. we shall not be returning ever again!

1 by Review source

I walked into Our Kitchen for a mid-day coffee break. The place looked clean and trendy but empty from the outside. I ordered a coffee and received a cup with lipstick stains on it. I sent it back and the server was very kind about it. However, when I was half way finished with my coffee I noticed the milk jar I used was filthy (see pictures) Also the napkins at the table were dirty. The music in the shop was far to loud to even think and they had builders using drill machines in the back end of the shop. I regretted going there because everything was so dirty and actually wished I was across the street at a different cafe. Nevertheless I gave it a 2 ranking because the server was at least friendly.

2 by Eloise Fulmer Review source

I went here and ordered food off the vegan menu and after ordering two small dishes and 2 drinks which cost £3.50 each I ended up paying £25 for something that didn't even fill me and left me hungry. My order was just hummus and flatbread but I had to wait an hour for it. I was also asked how much would i like to add on as a tip and felt pressured to give something. There was no offer of water or even if we wanted a drink. We had to call the waitress over. What's worse is half an hour later I was violently throwing up and the only thing that does that to me is dairy so there must have been dairy in their hummus. So much for vegan

1 by Review source

Staff very dissinterested and take an aeon to serve. Also the food was very disappointing. Salad was not fresh, I ordered 'mock duck' which when arrived seemed like stale, chewy balls of gristle. Natchos were served with no salsa or guacamole, just dry tortilla chips with a few beans scattered on top. It's a real shame as vegan/veggie eateries are few and far between and this place has such potential. If only they would concentrate on the quality of the food and less on the pretentious menu options.

1 by Review source

A cozy little place with deliciously healthy snd filling vegetarian and vegan dishes. The variety of juices and smoothies, all made fresh by staff upon order, is amazing!! Its a favourite place to go for brunch. My only judgment is the service; staff are really lovely, but the service is slow. I would recommend a member of staff to be permanently in the front of the restaurant to allocate all new clients, and also the time from order to serving to become shorter.

4 by Kyriaki Andreou Review source

Staff where friendly but sadly food was not good. Fish in batter was sadly over cooked, mac and cheese was very bland, lack of rich and tasty cheese, choice of herbs didn’t complement dish. Main, sadly chicken was dry, egg over cooked, meal tasted cheap as if it was all thrown into a taco. Recipes need thinking over. Had one dish taken off order but not the other that we had complained about. Restaurant styling however is great, bright and refreshing.

2 by Review source

Small frontage so easy to miss. However, extremely clean inside with calming decor..very nice indeed.
Staff v. Nice and friendly. V. Quick to take our order. Although it was 1pm not that many in.
Food took a little time to arrive but was worth it. Daughter had cheesy nachos (best vegan cheese ever!) And I had veggie lasagne..yummmmny! Reasonable prices. Oh...try the calm mylk!
Highly recommended.

4 by Review source

Totally amazing place with separate vegan menu, the food was incredible, staff super friendly and attentive! Prices are adequate to the quality and amount of food you get, very reasonable considering the location and everything we've got, was about 35pounds for a massive meal for three people. Super recommendable, food was seriously GREAT, I still don't believe that this vegan duck was actually vegan haha.

5 by Mi Du Review source

Simple, pleasant interior, shop windows, large windows, elongated room. The service is slow, and the food is tasteless. 3 dishes to choose from different categories cost £ 12.45. But the water was served with a cucumber - a taste of taste. The music is unobtrusive, but it plays too loudly. On the table, the instruments are in a stand and a living plant. The cafe is conveniently located in the center.

3 by Владислав Попов Review source

Nice atmosphere and service. Great tasting juice but food was a bit disappointing. The flavour was nearly there but it was lacking the extra restaurant quality but what was most insulting was the price to calorie ratio. If I'm paying £9 for a quesodilla I want it to fill me up and it did not. Not enough carbs.
More suited to health vegetarians and vegans, not somewhere for indulgence.

3 by Review source

Looks good from the outside. We visited on a quiet midweek lunchtime, maybe 3 tables occupied max... A number of tables had been left dirty and hadn't been cleaned.
We were acknowledged by a waitress, we then waited 10 minutes before deciding to leave after not having an order taken. Clearly this business doesnt need customers to keep its doors open.

1 by William House Review source

First time visit nice enough interior, food average ,staff nice enough on arrival but not a smile once ad heard them bitching about another customer while I was sat there eating ,ordered bacon on toast and asked waitress for some ketchup when food arrived totally ignored and had to go to desk to ask my sandwich was cold by this time will not be coming back.

1 by Review source

Very disappointing. Menu looked really nice, but everything was a bit flavourless. Hummus was a bit boring, falafel dry and tasteless, foccacia was stale, quesadillas stingy with the filling. Quite pricey too, certainly when compared to the other places you could go on Bold Street.

Service was really good though, very friendly.

1 by Mike Robertson Review source

We were really disappointed with the service here. We waited 15 minutes for our drinks and 40 minutes for our food.

When it came it wasn't as described on the menu. Sources were offered but not supplied.

They should spend less time on their decor and more time on their customer service.

2 by Review source

Table of two, ordered one soup with bread and one sandwich .... took over 30 minutes for soup to arrive, had to ask for bread and eventually the argumentative waitress agreed we were entitled to bread. Waited another twenty minutes for the sandwich which never arrived. Left hungry and disappointed.

1 by Review source

Our first visit and we were impressed. Attentive and friendly staff; Delicious, Nutritious, Vegetarian & Vegan Cuisine, of which a lot is apparently sourced locally, plus vegan beers, ales and cider. Excellent value all round.
Another visit will be happening in the not to distant future...

5 by John Dalziel Review source

Good, healthy vegetarian food, but underseasoned. All of our meals were a bit lacking in flavour, but the quality of the ingredients was excellent. I liked the choice of protein and carbs for the bowls. Essentially, this was like eating in my own kitchen but not quite as interesting.

4 by Sarah Clement Review source

Lovely idea and good food!
Mya was our waitress, very attentive, very knowledgeable about the food and very cheerful!
However definitely would've preferred more halloumi in the halloumi bowl especially for the price. Other than that, can't wait to go back.

5 by Becky Easter Review source

Good menu, tasty food and delightful staff but completely chaotic service. Something is clearly going wrong in the system: we waited a very long time and then received the wrong order. The people next door to us waited even longer. A real shame as it could be a gem.

3 by Review source

not into all the vegan stuff, but the menu looked good, tried a few small dishes and the fries with skin on, food was ok, cappuccino was ok and the price was reasonable for what we got, service was great and place was clean. probably wouldn't eat there again.

3 by Homerj Simpson Review source

Ordered some focaccia which was rock solid and dense. Had to ask for oil to dip it in. Everything else nice but nothing revelationary. Service pretty slow. Chocolate brownie (veggie one) was delicious but needed something wet with it... cream maybe

3 by Amy Tolomeo Review source

Having a heard of a bad experience from my partner being served egg as a vegan ordering a vegan breakfast, I was skeptical but I only had drinks and ice cream, my experience was positive. Lovely atmosphere, beautiful decor. will visit again!

4 by Kayley Jackson Trafford Review source

Just the most delicious vegan/ veg food I've ever had.
Wonderful setting, brilliant service and great value. Just wish I were in Liverpool more often to make it a daily event.
I'll certainly be back.
Frilly xx

5 by Review source

We love it.
Decided today to try somewhere different for our vegan lunch.....but no...not a patch on Our Kitchen!!
Left our meals in the other place and dashed back up Bold Street for vegan pudding and coffee......and relax

5 by Vivienne Adams Review source

Service was unbelievably slow. Waited nearly 20 minutes for coffee and toast. When it finally arrived the toast was cold and like cardboard, and one of the coffees had the wrong milk in it. Such a shame as the environment is lovely.

2 by Review source

Great veggie/vegan spot with an impressive variety of dishes and one of the best bloody mary's ive had in all of the uk. A much needed refuge from the arcade or chipshop and sausage+potato options.

5 by A. N. Review source

Pretentious hipster joint where the staff spend more time painting than they do serving customers. And the smoothies and juice taste like the fruit was carried across the Atlantic over 6 months.

1 by Review source

Staff uninterested and when I went to pay just got ignored while she carried on cleaning even though she was well aware I was waiting. Same as it’s a nice place but they need to sort staff out

2 by Review source

Lovely place. Service is a quite slow but staff are very polite and welcoming. Space is pretty tight but it's light and nicely decorated. Food is fantastic!

4 by Review source

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