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1A Amhurst Rd, London, E8 1LL

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What a terrible and dreadful, disappointing experience. I reserved a table online for one person, hoping to treat myself and relax before a gig yesterday. I had a very bad day at work and was looking forward to this as some 'me time'. Reading the reviews, it seemed like a decent place to spend time. When I arrived, I was shown a table tucked in the rear corner near the exit and club/toilet doors. I was asked not once, not twice, but THREE times by the waitress if I was here alone or if I was expecting friends. She did not seem to process my response very well. I asked her if it was a problem that I was on my own. Don't think she got the sarcasm point. I was made truly unwelcome like some sort of recluse and outcast, as it was socially wrong to book a table and go out as a single lady. I was also hidden from the rest of the restaurant. This must be the policy of the club. I was totally cool with going out solo before but now I'm wondering if I should stay at home, save money and Iwonder if most restaurants have a non-solo foodie policy? I also had a wonderful view by the window on an alleyway where a homelessman was sat on the floor staring at me the whole time. Way to make you feel sad, awkward and uncomfortable. Anyway, I ordered my drink and food order. When the waitress brought my cocktail, she told me ' I have to apologize I forgot we had a cocktail offer 2 for one today, but your cocktail did not qualify for it anyway'. I was reassured ! I also sarcastically responded that it was fine, because I did not intend to drink more than one cocktail here anyway. I had ordered the Oslo burger and it magically appeared to my table exactly FOUR minutes after they sent the order. After one bite I realized that the meat was completely raw in the middle. I was now left annoyed to my own devices, my waitress having vanished from the surface of the earth, probably traumatised to have seen a woman in her forties not afraid to go out alone. I must have looked pretty miserable with my leftover untouched plate because another barmaid walked to my table asking me how things were. I feedback about the raw meat and the whole experience, there was no way I was eating this. At this point the lady was very apologetic and spoke to the chef in the kitchen. I was advised they would cook another one for me, but I decided it was best not to touch any food from this place, being worried the tiny amount I swallowed would make me ill already. I cancelled my order as Iwas really put off and felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable about how they ruined my evening. They did the right thing to void my bill and acknowledge they were wrong though. I walked out, with an empty stomach and a sort of vague guilt of going out alone. I did not go to the gig despite having a ticket. After such an appaling welcome there was no way I would have stayed in this club and waited until 9.40 pm to see the band with an empty stomach, in an area where only crackheads seem to be willing to engage in conversation with you.

1 by L. C. Review source

Absolutely abysmal. My husband visited Oslo Hackney on Saturday 22nd July to enjoy a night out with work colleagues. Instead, items from his bag (an electronic cigarette and a silver necklace, a wedding gift from his mom) were taken from his bag in the Oslo Hackney cloakroom. Despite emailing them and phone calls every day to them, the response from my main point of contact Nathan, which amounted to zero communication and lack of care is disgraceful. They should be ashamed of themselves that they have thieves operating in their cloakroom. Regardless of whether you leave your items and valuables in their cloakroom at the owner's risk, who else would have access to the bags, coats that paying customers entrust them with, other than the staff themselves? Leave your stuff at your own risk as they very rightly put it. They'll take your money at the bar and help themselves to whatever else they think is valuable in your bags too. Appalling.

1 by Dawn Woodhouse Review source

So disappointed I gave this place a good trip advisor report last week after my experience today. I regularly come in and was keen to meet my friend there. We waited ages for food order and got ridiculously cold whilst doing so as doors wide open due to gig upstairs. We asked waitress if the doors could be closed 'you'll have to take that up with the door staff'. Door staff informed us the venue was busy and doors needed to be open as queue long. I'm still warming up now some hours later and obviously we cancelled our food order. A fave local just became somewhere I won't go again - seriously guys - a complaint won't be taken by your wait staff, I have to try and resolve it myself?!. It's a restaurant bar and folks were shivering in coats on one of the coldest nights of 2016. Not good.

1 by Review source

Don't waste your time and money here... Didn't get acknowledged when arriving with a reservation. Informed a member of staff that I had a table booked and he looked at me sideways as if I had three heads. Food was poor and took over an hour to arrive after ordering. Only a few main meals on the menu (which were totally uninspiring choices) and the one I ordered was sold out - at 1pm. Drinks took forever to come to the table. Told the manager the burger bun is burn to a cinder and she seemed to take it quite personally. Just wanted to get out of the place the moment we sat down. Whole experience was not worth it. One of the waitresses was nice to us but can't find anything else favourable about place. Such a disappointment.

1 by Laura Ransome Review source

Attentive bar staff with nice cocktails. We went for a gig so were mostly upstairs. Prices are typical for London but I thought the cocktails were good value for the quality. We had 20% off our food bill with the gig ticket.
Removing 1 star for the rude bouncer who ignored me when I'd nipped to the loo at the end of the gig and wouldn't acknowledge me to let me back through the doors so I could rejoin people and get my bags. I would have appreciated a heads up that the doors were going to be shut soon so they could clear out upstairs. It wasn't like I was a rude drunk who shouldn't have been up there.

4 by Roisin Grasby Review source

Came here with my partner for Sunday lunch. We both ordered a starter and a main. When our food arrived, my partners main and my starter came together. Waiting another 20 minutes for the rest of our food. Finally asked the waiter what was happening and he tells us that there was a problem with the order. So we cancelled and paid for what we ate. They did comp our drinks but still expected us to pay the service charge.

Partner had a burger which was good. My starter - the calamari was rubbery, cold and a very small portion.

Definitely do not recommend. Nice place for drinks but perhaps avoid the food.

2 by Review source

I went to Oslo for the first time, to see a band. Can't say I'll be rushing back. The Oslo website only stated 'doors at 7pm'. I assumed support band at 8 and main band at 9pm. I arrived at 8.15 to find that I'd missed the support and the main band had been on since 8. There was a 10pm curfew and the show was done by 9.40. Why wasn't any of this on the venue website? As for the actual venue, upstairs where the bands play is a strange layout with the toilets to the side of the stage. The sound was poor and muddy, cans of beer were £5 each upstairs. I'd rather go elsewhere.....

1 by Peter Mason Review source

Went to Oslo for Sunday lunch with a large group of friends. Had an amazing time!! I loved the decor very cool, high ceilings industrial style but still felt cosy. I had the fish and chips and my wife had the roast beef both were excellent, big portions really tasty! The drinks were great too. We had the Oslo Larger which was gorgeous, the house red which is really nice, incredible value, and the caramel expresso martinis which are gorgeous!!!
The service was great too, can't wait to go back again, would highly recommend!

5 by Review source

Venue is all well and good but the security are thugs. They invade the privacy of cubicles by putting their phones over doors and photographing what's going on. This can potentially be justified if they spot more than one person entering a cubicle but this was not the case. It was being done as a matter of course and is a gross invasion of privacy.

I've seen on several occasions security staff manhandling customers with excessive force, two staff members knocking about people much smaller than themselves.

2 by Review source

DO NOT GO HERE! I went with friends for a night out on Friday. The woman on the door was so rude and refused me entry. As a female I was left outside on my own, having allowed all of my friends in. I was not allowed in to contact my group or get help to find a taxi to take me home. I explained that my phone battery had died and I needed help getting home. I was totally ignored and she refused to engage in conversation with me in any way. I had to walk home for 40 minutes as a result.

1 by Review source

Went there tonight, service was quick, food was great, service was the best thing everyone really nice and friendly even on an easter Sunday, negative points starters were a bit too big which isn't negative if you have a big appetite, the salt and pepper came in a pot touching the cutlery which is a bit minging, small mains selection, and the automatic service charge which is slightly rude, but the decor, atmosphere, really cheap prices surprisingly, will Deffo come again

5 by Danny Roberts Review source

The kite string tangle and mono club were awesome. Danced my feet to ruin.

Gig venue upstairs was spacious, bar staff were courteous and pleasant to deal, we managed to get in early so got a good view of the stage. But why do people insist on going to such events with backpacks I'll never know, it's just super annoying to deal with such people.

P.s. Haven't fully explored the bar downstairs so can't comment on that yet.

5 by Review source

Nice Staff. Great atmosphere. A bit hipstery but comfy. Burger and fries were great although I would have appreciate to choose the doneness of my burger as it arrived well done and I will have prefered less cooked. Good portion too, we have good appetite but didn't finish the fries. Lemonade was a bit bitter, not sweet enough to my taste but a hit if you like lemon a lot. We'll go again and order a dessert this time!

5 by Cecile Graglia Review source

I have never received such a poor service in a pub restaurant in London. Even very busy places provide greater service than this place.

No being greeted was one thing, then being treated poorly something more; however when a white family came in, and the same gentleman who served our table, then treated them completely different, we felt disrespected.

Come to this place only if you meet certain criteria...

1 by Rodney Pedroza Review source

This is really a review of their steaks, as both my wife and I ended up ordering the same. Both were overdone and both were modest in size. And chewy. My wife's medium was properly chewy. Kinda like a cheap supermarket steak and not what you'd expect for 16 quid. That said the ambiance is nice, service was great and they have a good selection of beer. Maybe the burger is a safer bet?

2 by Colin Greenwood Review source

Good friendly venue and staff. Gets a bit packed at the large bar downstairs, with the static traffic between the tables and the bar. More disco than house music, at least it was on a Friday night. Large venue for location, relatively new on the scene - if I remember correctly they opened in 2014/15. Increasingly popular and trendy part of town but still with an authentic feel

4 by Alan Review source

What a lovely place to have a Sunday roast! The staff is very friendly and efficient, the vibe is great and the food is delicious! I had a chicken roast and is was very tasty, succulent and full of flavour. It was accompanied by typical roast veg and a delicious just baked Yorkshire pudding. It was my first time here for lunch, but it's the start of a long series!

5 by Review source

Not my favourite venue for gigs. But does the trick.
Upstairs bar doesn't have any brew on tap so grab yours from downstairs.
And the restaurant kitchen seems to close around 10pm. So if you're there for gig and wanna eat place an order around 9:30pm so that your food will be ready when you have jumped up and down for couple of hours. ;)

4 by Roy G Review source

The most aggressive security and awful staff i have EVER come across. AVOID. The bra and restaurant and nice inside but the staff and management are genuinely the least pleasant group of people I have ever had the misfortune of being around. If you want a fun night DO NOT GO TO THIS BAR. The atmosphere is one of scrutiny and aggression. Avoid.

1 by Review source

Really cool place. They serve quality food and I was impressed with the service too - they were very caring and welcoming even though I requested a table for snacks on a busy Saturday night. I loved the music too, the funky tunes are great. They have a seperate room with a dancefloor, the venue is much bigger than you may initially think!

5 by Andzia Zach Review source

Oslo is a space with beautiful decor and has great potential.
The food and service unfortunately let it down.
The service was unnecessary slow and sporadic from beginning to end with our orders also being taken incorrectly.
When we did receive our food, it was bland and quite sad.
The gig space is nice though.

2 by Toni James Review source

Rammed on a Thursday when I visited - might have something to do with the 2 for £9 cocktail offer all night though! Drinks were good too, not just the same old cheap cocktails some places do at happy hour. Low-lit open area downstairs with tables for dining or drinking, and a gig venue upstairs with great sound.

5 by Sophie Hodge Review source

Staff is great and super kind and helpful. Food was super tasty ans good price; the fish and chips are a must have - cod is battered in Beavertown Gamma ray and chips are just deliciously hand cut and with the best season. Beer on tap is not very diversified, but great options such as Beavertown and Goose IPA.

5 by Valerie Pow Review source

What a great place to have a Sunday roast! I had a chicken roast and was delicious, succulent and full of flavour. 1/2 chicken accompanied by roast veg and a delicious Yorkshire pudding, great value for money!!!
Staff is friendly and efficient and I'll be definitely come back!!!!

5 by Review source

This is my local, on my street. I've given it 3 because it's so hit and miss. Come here five times and you'll give it five different ratings. Service can be great or indifferent. Food is highly variable. Drinks menu looks great but often they are out of stock of most of it.

3 by Dave Raval Review source

holy gravy balls but ive just gone to heaven and back with the sunday roast that i just had. Not only was the chicken moist and on point but veggies cooked through and the gravy that camw along was incredible.

Best roast in east london by a country mile.

5 by Review source

Good, small music venue for new music groups. One floor room, room is 40 by 60 meters around. Clean toilets. Tickets around £10-15. Music bands start to play around 20:00 or 20:30 so be in time or you will miss it.
Looks like they have bar on the ground floor.

5 by vilenka2011 Review source

Staff sometimes is great, but other times the ignore customers standing by the bar waiting to place the order or there is nobody to take them.
Two stars go for the place and food which is good, the missing ones go for the bar attendants (if/when there is any)

2 by Diego Bora Review source

Excellent food and service. I hadn't booked a table but I was seated in 10 minutes, the staff allowed me to relax and we're attentive but not overbearing which is rare these days. This is a place that I will use again when I am in the area.

5 by Review source

Nice place, good selection of drinks and good vibe. Only issue is the music can be a bit too loud, so having a casual bite, drinks and some light-hearted conversation can turn into a heated exchange of épithètes. I guess that depends on your company.

4 by Ian Grantham Review source

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