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701 Great Western Rd, Glasgow, G12 8RA

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Sure Bread Meats Bread is a bit of a chain but I felt it’s worth sharing some thoughts on the place and this restaurant in particular. This being a gourmet burger place a rich and adventurous burger menu is something of a given, a well cooked burger of more than adequate quality is not. That’s why my test is always a basic burger, chips (fries), and a milkshake. In this Bread Meats Bread is about as close to exceptional as I’m likely to find a place. The patty was thick, well cooked, and great quality meat. Chips are a bit of a crowning glory and the shake was one of the best I’ve had in a while, absolutely not just cheap liquidised ice cream.

The few points I would like to say about the food are that the burger is pretty heavy on the pickle which some people (definitely not me) may dislike. Personally I was extremely happy with the level of pickle. The amount of sauce I was less happy with. Sauce was a little excessive but with the patty size I can somewhat forgive it. All in all the food is of a pretty high standard. Beware that this is not McDonalds though and the quality comes with a price premium. Which brings me to this restaurant in particular.

Being just across the road from the botanical gardens this is a pretty good place to top off a good day out. The restaurant is bright and welcoming with a pleasant atmosphere. Staff are friendly and attentive without being overbearing. As a little treat on a day out Bread Meats Bread in the West End is just about perfect.

4 by AJ Merron Review source

Way too overrated. Absolutely hate this place. Overpriced, rude waiters and terrible food. I came here on opening day and decided, why not? Well, I can't believe I wasted my money here! The food was bland and tasted horrible - the waiters were rude and tried overcharging me by six pounds. SIX POUNDS!

It is crowded as hell. I was put next to a stranger and they put me in the middle of mayhem, so I had to keep on moving my chair as the waiters rudely demanded that I moved. Not good with space at all. And they expect us to eat like that.

The BBQ beef brisket burger is filthy. I wouldn't ever think about feeding it to myself, or even my worst enemy, as I felt sick and a weird vomiting feeling

They tried rushing me out of the door as quickly as possible. I kindly, even with the horrible experience, asked them for the bill, and it TOOK 20 minutes!! The waiters weren't working rout orderly so kept on coming to me at random. Never coming back.

1 by John Review source

We just came back from our third visit at Bread Meat Bread West End and once again we weren't disappointed. When we arrived, we were welcomed and quickly given a table. Our waiter gave us enough time to choose from the menu. I had a Bacon Cheeseburger and my girlfriend had Cheeseburger, which was made exactly the way we like them - the meat was cooked the exact amount of time, to be neither raw nor overcooked. We tried Monkey Style Poutine, which is very tasty thanks to the cheeseburger patties and the sauce at the top. All the staff members were friendly and helpful. I prefer this restaurant than the one in the city center because is more spacious and cozy. We will definitely come back to try some of the others burgers on the menu.

5 by Kristiyan Dimitrov Review source

Excellent burger and fries and good service. I went for Cali cheese burger with two paties and caramelized sweet potato fries. Very nice burger as good as any I've tasted at Byron or Burger and Lobster (Though about half the size/price so about the same value). Starter of chicken thighs was also good. The place can get busy at popular times, but it is worth the wait. Only suggestions for improvement would be (a) kitchen noise it too loud in the seating to the left as you enter - install a glass screen or something (b) start selling Fentimans soft drinks - They are the best! (c) milkshake was too sweet for my taste - Maybe try using a different icecream? (d) consider changing name to Meat Meets Meat - rolls off the tongue better ;)

5 by Tom Wright Review source

The burgers appeared to be thrown together, the skewer holding the - tough - chicken in place was at least 2/3 of the radius from the geometric centre of the bun.

One of the members in our group had a discount voucher but apparently because only one of us in the - small - group possessed it, it couldn't be used. I'm not sure exactly were this flawed logic stems from this and I'm not sure why this restaurant would issue discount vouchers only to deny them (or the legality of doing such) but I digress.

If you want extremely over-rated burgers at a mediocre price point this place should be at least your 20th preference. However I reason that a Big Mac would be a safer bet.

2 by Ross Boyd Review source

BMB is a leading burger restaurant in Glasgow. The poutine is crispy and cheesy deliciousness, although not very authentic (no squeeky cheese). I recommend the thin patties, particularly the caliburger, it's a riff on In-n-out burger. It's not authentic, but it's tasty. The thick burgers are somewhat inconsistent. My Great Western Wolf was overcooked to hockey puck status. Glasgow law prohibits anything less than well-done murdered burgers. And the grilled cheese was sad -- unbalanced ratios of bread and cheese and it wasn't properly melted. My advice is to stay thin or go with chicken. Overall, a good greasy spoon after a few pints.

4 by Jeff Dalton Review source

Visited for the first time on Friday night. Such a busy restaurant. We had a 20 minute wait for a table but I have to say it was worth every second.

The food is absolutely superb! My favourite selection was the sweet potato fries with bacon and maple syrup. Who on earth came up with that idea? They must be a genius! The food is cooked and presented with pride, none of this just slapping it on a plate and getting it out.

The staff were so welcoming and very child friendly, they make their young diners feel just as important as the grown ups. We enjoyed our time here and would recommend a visit.

5 by Review source

A smarter design than their city outpost. The seats are much more comfortable and nicely spaced.
The food is decent and fairly priced. The burgers are capable, with decently juicy patties. Poutine is slightly let down by the chips that lack crispiness and taste. The sauce for the poutine is good though but it does get a bit too rich by the end and is best shared between 2-3 people.
I do enjoy coming to Bread Meats Bread as it is a decent and capable burger joint. On a side note, I tend to prefer their simpler burgers compared to their more complex creations.

3 by Mark Chooi Review source

Having waited to leave this review after several thorough takeaway and dine in experiences, I can safely say that this burger joint has everything I am looking for when planning dinner with friends, finding good vegan junk food and ordering that cheeky weekend takeaway.

The Good

- the food
- the wide variety of menus options both regular and Vegan
- the beer and drinks selection
- the service
- the friendly atmosphere
- the clean premises and great layout

The Bad:

I have yet to find any!!

4 by Jamiel Laurence Review source

I decided to try somewhere new for lunch today and I am so happy with my decision to eat here! The service was really great and all the staff were so helpful with answering all our questions about the menu. The food came out quickly and it was amazing, portion sizes were very generous we couldn't finish it all but we did get the rest to take away with us.
I will definitely be telling all my friends about bread meets bread and I will for sure be back very soon!

5 by Review source

With a large range of burger restaurants popping up all over Glasgow, all offering a large range of gourmet burgers for those who are so inclined. Bread Meats Bread have inviting warm staff who are extremely knowledgeable about there subject matter, burgers. They also off In-House Brewed Glasgow Beer from Half Pints to Jugs! The food is great and highly recommended, even those who aren't massive burger fans will find something on the menu they will like

4 by Ian Shields Review source

Fantastic family friendly place in the West End. Food was excellent but more importantly we were made to feel so welcome with our little toddler. The staff couldn't do enough for us to make sure we enjoyed our lunch, including bringing us complimentary chicken nuggets and chips for my little boy and taking the time to chat to him. He loved the fuss! Great high chairs and space for the pram too. We will definitely be back!

5 by Review source

Yum! Okay, I'm American so a good burger is my jam. BUT I am also vegetarian. Veggie burgers can sometimes be a bit lackluster--not so at BMB! There's heaps of vegan, vegetarian, and regular old meatatarian varieties to be had here. I was super impressed with the spectrum of choices and had a vegan chicken sandwich that blew my mind. Reasonable prices, good grub. Would go back again for sure!!

5 by Clarissa M. Review source

This place offers fabulous types of burgers and meats in a variety of breads. You can also have fries topped with bacon, cheese and maple syrup. The are others dishes such as postings. The food table service are good. You cannot book a table and there are no desserts. Good atmosphere with large windows looking out to Great Western road

4 by jim doolan Review source

The burgers I've had here have been some of the best I've had in Glasgow. Also the sides are huge! I'd say the only downside is you can't book in advance, but this restaurant is bigger than their city centre location so you are more likely to get a seat, and if you did have to wait I'd say it's worth it.

5 by Rachel Beveridge Review source

Totally different vibe from the one in town (100% a good thing) you ain't sitting on other guests laps and you haven't got every gape mouthed passer by watching you go to town on a big ol' burger.
Due to having lots more seats you don't feel rushed aswell.
So just like the one in town.... but better.

5 by edward mckenna Review source

great place with good fast service. burger was ok but having a burger with pulled pork on top in this case made everything a bit soggy. Will probably go with sandwiches next time. the poutine is wonderful had grest big cheese curds and topped with bacon and is a must. milkshakes are expensive but are unbelievable.

4 by Jamie Mccrindle Review source

Full tables, 20 minute wait.... beers served whilst we waited ✓ then fantastic service once seated. The food was the star above every other superlative of drinks, cleanliness and ambience. My neck ached from all the food envy as it passed by then my own burger and kimchi fries just blew me away.

5 by Chris Foster Review source

Have seen this place a few times over the years so we thought we would give it a go. It always has a queue and you have to wait. However it is worth the wait - food is gorgeous and filling staff and wonderful. It was a real treat to visit and we will have to go back again next time in Glasgow.

4 by Dave Humphrys Review source

Obsessed with this place! So impressed with the design, I've been to all 3 Bread Meats Bread as I'm a big fan and this is by far their most impressive looking restaurant! Food, as usual, mouth-wateringly good. Definitely try a milkshake as they are heaven! Can't wait to go back!

5 by Review source

My current favourite place for vegetarian and vegan food options. They offer a lot of delicious meat replacements - they even have vegan bacon! and cater for gluten free quite well also. Their drinks are also great and well priced, been there almost every month recently.

5 by Andreea Bocioaga Review source

It's embarrassing to admit but this is my favourite restaurant in Glasgow. Always consistent, big portions, good service, good prices.

Woyld be nice if they had a better dessert section but honestly I'm only looking for the poutine and burgers

5 by Jessica Gregory Review source

Loved the food here. Tip - share the sides, they are massive, and if you have a subway photocard show it and you get 20% off food. We both had the Angry Chicken Burger. Spiced fried chicken with a spicy mayo type sauce, with maple bacon topped sweet potato fries

5 by Roger Campbell Review source

Burger was great . chips would have been perfect with a little bit more blanching .coleslaw nicely seasoned crunchy veg, eventho am not a big fans of purple coleslaw, portions are big : altogether a good experience I 'll be back most def !!

4 by Review source

As a Canadian and experience d poutine eater, the sauce was good but the cheese was not melted as it was supposed to be.SOme almost icy chunks but due to a health and safety issue over storing cheese
Great burgers. Excellent prices.

5 by Review source

Saw this was the highest rated burger place in Glasgow, so had big expectations and I was not disappointed!
The burger patties are really well cooked and are very succulent, the fries are great too!
We'll be back!

5 by Podi Plass Review source

Great food, great atmosphere, great staff, just a great experience all round! So helpful with allergies as well! I'm gluten free and there is so much on the menu I could eat! If you want a burger get to bread meats bread!

5 by Review source

Great food and great service. Visit Glasgow on business a lot and this place is almost next door to my hotel. Quick service and a huge meal for less than £16 with a couple beers too. Delicious food and loads of great options.

5 by SIMON TUGWELL Review source

Great food, friendly staff. Consistently brilliant brisket (about the best I have had). On another occasion tried the vegan chicken and bacon burger and it was really tasty as well.
Also has high chairs and a kids menu.

5 by Review source

Never been disappointed with the burgers and fires here. The sandwiches are also pretty good. One of the first places I went to when I moved here. You won’t be disappointed when you go here. Friendly staff and cosy setting.

4 by Garth Whitaker Review source

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