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270 Portobello Rd, London, W10 5TY

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The food was normal oriental like cuisine and the decor of the whole atmospheric stability of makan cafe was decent compared to the horror shacks of Asian cuisines I've been to, the place is a kind family based organisation that i feel have come a long way and developed into a modern social cafe which i find highly ostentatious and amusing, the waiters are very friendly and kind they have that home family type of feeling there's also a boy who come in rarely to work in the shop who is very handsome and well mannered well done makan cafe you get my approval i'm one of the biggest food critics in London bravo for your hard work and keep it up.

4 by Review source

Nestling right under the Westway, Makan offers Malaysian food from steam trays or cooked to order, to eat in or for takeaway. Best value from the 1/2/3 mains from the steamtrays on rice or noodles, or if you have a sniffle try the huge bowl of Singapore Laksa. The lemon grass & hint of chilli will chase the germs out of your system. Don't want a full meal? Try the generous slices of home made cakes with a hot drink.

5 by Graeme Shaw Review source

Some of the best Mee Goreng noodles in town.
Lovely food at very reasonable prices.
Just a few things they could to improve
-Put a proper door where the toilet is, or partition it, when sitting the toilets are like Piccadilly Circus, far too busy.
-Make some small improvements to ambiance

Apart from that really recommended!

4 by Nikita Janeway Review source

Very disappointed, I used to go this place in the past but my last visit will not encourage me to go again, first after ordering a vegetarian dish I ended up with one with meat, then the toilets were disgusting, no paper, and going out of the toilets I had an unfortunate glimpse in the kitchens which were very far from to be clean. and appetizing.

1 by Caramel Mou Review source

Amazingly flavourful! We did three different combination plates and I can't decide which dish I liked best. The aubergine (eggplant), 5 spice chicken, and chick peas were so flavourful and delicious! And the spinach. And dahl. I don't think you can go wrong! It's definitely not a fancy joint, but we'll be back again and again.

5 by Fitzsimmons Casey Review source

the ala carte seems just ordinary to me so i ordered meals combo with the side dishes which are brilliant, tasty and worth the penny spent. the tarik is recommended. will def come again. the staffs are friendly and good. the spaces has been widen up since the last time i came (4 years back) which is good. the toilet is clean. love it!

5 by Review source

A restaurant that brings you back to Malaysia with its warm and cosy ambience. They serve generous portions of nasi campur at affordable price. The owner and staff are super friendly, you'll be greeted upon stepping foot into the restaurant. Not to forget the food are all halal and you can even get halal English Breakfast.

5 by Review source

A typical Malaysian 'corner-shop' cafe in West London - unfortunately, for those living in the east and elsewhere - it is a bit of a trek. Portions are very good, especially on a very cold day, like today. Highly recommended for Malaysians and food lovers of pan-southeast asian fusion cuisine.

4 by Hari Om Review source

I had rice with 3 dishes today for lunch. Loved each one. Tasty, authentic and the prawns was so fresh and sweet.
My daughter had the kuay Tiaw.. She said very very tasty. Large portion and super full after the meal. Highly recommended to not only Malaysians but food lovers in general.

5 by Review source

We had a great time today at Makan Cafe. The food reminded us of home cooked Malaysian food. The service was very good and the hospitality from Annie was excellent. We're definitely coming again.

And absolutely agree that the tea tarik and roti chenai was awesome.

5 by a azam Review source

The food is really good and priced perfectly, but £2.30 for a tea tarik is extortion!!! I will stick to Malaysian Hall Canteen in Bayswater. Two naslimas and two tea tariks will set you back £13 there, in Makan cafe it will be close to £19 (mainly due to £2.30 for each tea....)

4 by Asylbek M Review source

I've been eating at Makan for many years as I am a local and it is always on point. I love their Singaporean dish Laksa and the chicken on skewers with peanut sauce. It can be very busy at times but nevertheless the staff are helpful and polite.

5 by Tiyah S Review source

After a rainy and cold afternoon of sightseeing, what a pleasure it was to sit down at Makan cafe and enjoy their hearthful and delicious food ! And the malaysian tea was a great discovery. And the staff is friendly. Highly recommended !

5 by Viviane LERAY Review source

I frequent this place often. The aubergine dish is amazing and the Malaysian tea if you have a bit of a sweet tooth is definitely worth a try. The cafe is no frills, but the food is worth it. A good find, you won't be dissapointed.

5 by Hannah Stevens Review source

Wonderful food it was my first time trying malaysian food and I was hooked on it. The flavours were out of this world, would definitely recommend to anyone finally very cheap and the portions were very generous 5 star all day.

5 by lrang wanem Review source

I found out about Makan Café via the Jinn app and I am so thankful that I did. Food is excellent, I am yet to visit Makan Café in person, but wish they added more to the Jinn app menu, I'm a regular and order often.

5 by Review source

Terbaek !!!. Where to Eat Cafe London shop this we shall stop after a day roaming the city of London. Go as early as 8am, have breakfast LA2 malaysia and west. The staff are fine hosts than mere customer-friendly store.

5 by Redza Said Review source

The food at Makan is authentic and home cooked. There is a wide range with affordable pricing. I usually get the rice dish with a choice of three currys. It's got a good seating area and the staff are very friendly.

5 by Muhammad Suleman Review source

It's surprising to find this unique Malaysian café located at this famous Portobello Market. Perfect timing for my breakfast. So, it's Singapore Laksa and Roti Canai. Proud to know Malaysians doing well in UK.

4 by Azman Abdul Aziz Review source

Affordable lunch place with a selection of dishes to fit most peoples tastes, as long as you like Malay-ish food. The Sambal chicken comes highly recommended if you like spicy food, just make sure you get extra gravy.

4 by LG Nilsson Review source

The only Nasi Padang restaurant in London so it has to get five stars really given how great Nasi Padang is. The staff are really friendly. Good Teh Tarik. If it were in Malaysia it'd be just okay though.

5 by Cedric Vanderkuyt Review source

Friendly and nicely down at heel, but i think the food could be better considering the price. The rice particularly was very dry and none of the curries really seemed alive in an aromatic sense

3 by Kester Muller Review source

Great gluten free options .. the curry's are tastey .. service very kind and I have been here more than once.. no reaction to the food each time. Malaysian tea is very good.

5 by CYU CYU Review source

I love the Singaporean Laksa it Osborne of the best I habe ever had. They also do a meat and potato dish. I don't like the use of microwave but the food is delicious.

5 by Ula Sakr Review source

Did take away for nasi lemak curry and nasi goreng here. Tasted pretty okay with the aromatic and spices. The portion was quite generous, filling, and cheap.

3 by Ferry Gondo Review source

Amazing authentic food, takes me back to my childhood. Great value, and the owners are the most lively people! Their catering is also brilliant

5 by Review source

Literally the best place in Portobello to eat as a local, the staff are so nice and the food is so nice and fresh and really reasonably priced

5 by Tobias Morrissey-Valler Review source

Food average customer service needs improvement and atmosphere poor. Not recommended for authentic Malaysian / singaporean food. Try elsewhere

3 by RS V Review source

Not a fancy joint. But food was awesome. If you are wondering around in the market and need to grab a quick bit, this is the place to visit.

4 by pranav tari Review source

Good food! Truly Malaysian food. A must visit cafe esp Malaysian travelling to London! Mee hoon goreng, nasi lemak, teh tarik is a must!

5 by Review source

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