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The strangely magical concoction that is Portmeirion loses nothing in the flesh relative to its depiction in film (a la The Prisoner). If anything, its unchanging querkiness throughout the years evokes a feeling of familiarity. Of course, there have been additions and modifications to the site here and there, but these are mostly peripheral in nature. Everything seems to be as tastefully executed as ever. Our early arrival (recommended) on the day last summer provided us as visitors (advanced booking required) with an uncrowded experience cooled by the moist and cloudy morning conditions. However, by mid-morning large crowds had arrived in synchronisation with the sun and heat. Clearly, patrons of the hotel and on site accommodation get a different experience in turn to ours, so it is worth considering booking to stay on site for this; and remember no-one lives in the Village permanently. Getting lunch proved to be time-consuming and more difficult due to the sheer numbers of visitors, so it might pay to take this earlier than normal to avoid the busiest period. One observation, how will Portmeirion cope and evolve in the present era which is driving towards the incorporation and use of renewable energy to heat and power buildings - I did not see any rooftop solar panels or wind turbines there at the time.
We talked to some of the staff on the gate and accompanied one of the brief tours (wish these were of longer duration) and gained their excellent insight. All in all, a very magical experience.
Be seeing you.

4 by Stephen Connolly Review source

Portmeirion is a very beautiful resort set in very beautiful surroundings! You can visit for a day or as a guest at the hotel (and hotel cottages).
Genuinely nothing negative to say about it.
Cars are not allowed into the village except for hotel guests, so it is very quiet. There is a carpark at the entrance for day visitors.
NO DOGS :) so it's great if you have kids or just get fed up of looking at the floor for the next irresponsible parcel.
Plenty of cafés for people to eat in during the day - mostly used by people just visiting for the day, they close when the village closes for the day.
The village is even more lovely at 5pm when the place empties of day visitors and it feels like you have it all to yourself.
The hotel is very friendly and there are roaring fires everywhere in the main building when needed. The food at the hotel is magnificent. Perfectly cooked and presented. You don't get huge piles of it, you get flavour and enough.
The rooms in the hotel and in the flats/cottages are clean, excellently presented and in keeping with the surroundings.

5 by G Evans Review source

I love this place, very beautiful and calming, it's a special place for me, I feel myself relaxing as soon as we approach the drive in. Dogs not allowed in gardens but big car park with some shady trees but gets busy so go early if shade is needed. Little 'village' built from salvaged buildings and bits of building, Italianate in style, nice history information around and tours available. Grounds very nice to walk a round and for families to explore. Of course there is the added interest for some of The Prisoner with lots of bits around about this. Expensive to go in but family tickets and annual passes ( much better value) are available and cheaper after three pm. Cafes selling drinks, ice creams are in the village I think are expensive. Some little shops also selling gifts and some quite posh bits that are expensive. Famous pottery can be purchased. Very nice place but costly for a family. There are places to eat - the hotel and The Castle but these are not really for children though and again not cheap.

5 by Hazel Williams Review source

what can you say about delightful Portmeiron that hasn't been said,we had a lovely stay, the staff from David at the main gate to the hotel restaurant were great and very helpful, we had Lower Pilot suite what a fantastic view, room was very nice with lovely clean linen and towels etc, there was just enough wear and tear on the windows and general to make it comfortable (if you know what I mean). Little touches made a magnificent difference like a small carafe of sherry in the room along with the usual water . After the day visitors had left you have a complete village just to the residents it felt quite special . With allocated parking to each suite there was no problem in that area,no dogs rule may not suit everyone but we found it a good idea. HIGHLY reccomended for it's lovely experience,.

5 by david evans Review source

Portmirion is a must see place to visit for anybody who used to watch - THE PRISONER-
It is a very quaint village set up..plenty of shops to visit ranging from- Coffee Shops - Cafe's- Pirtmeirion Pottery - Gallery & also a Hotel for anyone fancying waking up to the Prisoner experience. It is quite pricey but we'll worth it.. in the summer it has a swimming pool on the grounds for anyone who wants a dip. They have personal tours if anyone wants to learn about how the place was built & the history surrounding it. The set up is just like an Italian Village.. There are plenty of walks to explore & a 15 minute small train ride in the woods with lovely scenery.
It really is a Must Place to visit & you will not be disappointed.

5 by Review source

This is an amazing village that is well worth the entrance fee of £12 (adult ticket). The village is clean and tidy with plenty to see and do, the ice cream is very good quality.

The village is so architecturally rich in style and the details in the buildings such as the statues and paintings are great to seek out as you walk around the area.

The village was the filming locations for the TV series of The Prisoner and you can see the buildings up close and also visit a gift shop dedicated items from the TV series and the village itself.

Rather than write an essay on here I will just say that this is a must see place and everyone should visit if they are in the area.

5 by Matt K Review source

It is a shopping centre at its core. The buildings are pretty and the centre of the village looks like it is somewhere in Italy. The staff at the ticket counter are very friendly but the entry price is steep. There is a train which takes you around the hills and forests inside the village but its last pick up is at 4 . The shops are pricey pretty little boutiques. There is only one cafe and it ran out of coffee at 5 pm. There a are not many places to eat eeither.There is one Italian place to eat which I stays open till a bit late but we didn't try it .All picturesque place but one must reach there earlier to avail of the train and enjoy the view and be ready to spend a pretty penny .

3 by Moumita Kundu Review source

A unique, beautiful place with stunning views around every corner.

A technicolor feast for the eyes and cameras.

Rooms available for 1 night or more,various styles and prices.B&B,DB&B or self catering.

Imagine waking up watching the sunrise over the Dwywrd estuary,lighting up the colours of this Italianate village,or watching sunset perhaps on your private terrace with a perfect drink.

A celebration,a special occasion or just somewhere different to stay a night or more, Portmeirion is a superb choice.

Plan a wedding,a group event or conference, Portmeirion can fulfil your dreams.

Near heaven on earth.

5 by S. M Review source

This was very disappointing. It felt like a tourist trap. Very little to do other than spend money on overpriced food and entrance (£12.50?!). The town from a distance looks lovely, but up close it is very tacky and has a Mr Bubbleworks vibe to it. I was expecting furries to burst out of the balcony windows, singing 'It's a Small World', but alas no such luck. The walk around the beach and the forest is very pleasant, but North Wales is surrounded by that for free, so it's not really a big plus. All in all, not worth it, unless you don't enjoy or can't go up the natural hills, then bring the family.

2 by Andy Whitman Review source

Where do I start. This place is odd. It is basically a collection of houses in mainly Italian style forming a small village on the coast. It was where the TV series the Prisoner was filmed. It has some lovely coastal walks and some great scenery however I just cant seem to work out what on earth you would pay so much money to get to visit. There are of course shops and cafes etc in the village and a couple of hotels but to pay so much to visit the village seems odd. Very much not value for money but nice for a quick visit but why on earth it costs to see it I am not quiet sure!

2 by Joe Reynolds Review source

Love this place. I had never seen the prisoner but want to watch it now. A very quirky and different place with aces and acres of woodland and gardens to explore. It's spread over quite a large area but the centre of it is a purpose built holiday resort which has been made to look like an Italian village. It has been used in different television programmes, probably the most famous being the series from the 1960s called The Prisoner. There are cafes shops and restaurants. Well worth a visit. If you can get to the beach too as its beautiful there.

5 by Review source

This was our second visit to Portmeirion and I still love it - it's such a quaint little tourist trap. Beautifully designed in it's surroundings I don't think I'd ever get fed up of visiting this Village. Lots of wandering around to do and the woodland and coast trails can make it an all day adventure, especially if you take time to sample the home made gelato and delicious stone baked pizzas.
It's a real treat to spend a sunny day here looking at all the eclectic and rescued pieces Clough Williams-Ellis Installed here.

5 by A Carter Review source

For those of you who remember the iconic series “The Prisoner” starring Patrick McGoohan back in the late 60’s – this is where it all happened! There’s plenty to see and do around the colourful complex and interesting woodland walks for those who like to explore the landscape. More than enough places to eat and drink and plenty of Prisoner memorabilia on sale. The only thing that was missing was the huge white ball that roamed around the beaches to capture the escapees (but you can buy one in the memorabilia shop!).

5 by Chriss Line Review source

What a strange place! As with so much, I think that the price to get in there and see it is too much \\u003d why three stars and not five.

Bear in mind I know nothing about Mr Tumble: I was surprised that there was less there to do with The Prisoner. I'm familiar with all the buildings that were in the programme but I didn't really see much there linking the buildings / places to the programme. Thought it might of played on that tmore.

Beautiful place. Stunning views across the water.

3 by Steven Douglas Review source

Portmeirion is an absolute pleasure to see. Not only are the buildings beautiful to look at, but the views are amazing. Walk up to the top of the Dome Gallery for an even better view. If you're a fan of classic TV, this is where they filmed 'The Prisoner'. Portmeirion is not the easiest place to get to, but you won't be disappointed with what you see. The annual music and arts festival, Festival No 6 is a great way to see the place, although you need to be prepared for some bad weather!

5 by Dom Graham Review source

First time I had ever been for Valentine's last month - I was bowled over by it. It's quirky of course, and there is a wonderful surprise on every corner and in ever nook. The bay is stunning - saw the best sunset there that I've seen in years. Perhaps the gift shops are a bit overkill (pretty much sell the same kitchenalia) but the evening meal at the hotel was lovely and the suite we stayed in was perfect. I would love to see it in summer when the gardens are in full bloom.

5 by Review source

We really enjoyed our morning at Portmeirion. We did the free 20 minute tour guide, which was fascinating and well worth doing, followed by a bumpy free land train tour which stopped at a stunning look out point. We visited the shops, walked down to the lighthouse and added some money to a wishing tree. The ice-cream parlour is very tasty and it has a lovely interior too. We stopped for lunch as well but that wasn’t quite as nice, but it certainly did the job!

5 by Helen S.D. Smith Review source

A quirky place with interesting buildings and lovely woodland walks. The architecture is very thought provoking - looked as I’d imagined from watching ‘The Prisoner’. There are plenty of places to get refreshments, quite pricy. The walks among the shoreline and through the woods was a pleasant addition and well worth taking time to explore. The site is fairly easy to access; quite hard work pushing a wheelchair up some steep slopes. The parking was nearby.

4 by Alex Petty Review source

This place is awesome. Take the free guided tour it is well worth the introduction to this place and will open your eyes to what otherwise you won't see. This was made famous in the sixties as the place Henry My We filmed The Prisoner but it's an awesome place to spend some time but I don't think I want to be imprisoned there. Totally disabled friendly with 97% access to the majority of the buildings. Well worth a visit.

5 by John Tippett Review source

One of my favourite places in the world.. An amazing place. My first time here. My wife is from the area. Took me here for our 13 year wedding anniversary.. We had food at The town hall restaurant... There where no tables free.. But the waitress opened a table for us.. Food was good and worth the money. Lasagne was home cooked and my wife's pizza was really good. Over all good quick service at a busy time and good hot food.

5 by Toby Holland Review source

Very interesting. Liked it very much. Lots of seating for achy legs. Went on train ride..very much to be desired...if you don't like a bumpy ride then this is not for you. we got there around 11am and had plenty of time to get round the whole place. If you can go on the coastle walk then you would need longer. Our day today was lovely sunshine and about 10 degrees. it was the best weather. We would recommend.

5 by Mel L Review source

Lovely place been wanting to visit for years. Lived up to my perception. Fan of the prisoner series so this was my main driver to visit. However, my wife loved the place liked the shops the architecture and the ambiance. There's a lift available back up the hill for those with limited mobility. Restaurants were busy but everything we had was nice. Would love to stay the night but out of our price range ☹️

5 by Ron Webb Review source

It's amazing everyone should visit the scenery is unique and like nothing you will find anywhere else!! Just look on its website you can visit just for the day or rent a self catering cottage. There is also the castel where you can stay which has a top class restaurant and bar. You can also get married in the town hall although there's quite a waiting list they do a really good wedding package

5 by Review source

A Must Place to Visit!
Portmeirion is a tourist village in Gwynedd, North Wales. It was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975 in the style of an Italian village, and is now owned by a charitable trust.
Portmeirion has served as the location for numerous films and television shows, and was 'The Village' in the 1960s television show The Prisoner.

5 by Shauny Walker Review source

A great place for a walk on a clear day - very unusual and interesting, with nooks and crannies to explore. Really cool architecture that is unlike anything else in the UK as far as I've so far seen! I'm sure last time I visited I got a free day pass for my parents (pension-age), but think that was also because we are in the local catchment. Also home to No 6 Festival held in September.

4 by Amy Collier Review source

So much more than I expected! Yes, there are all the wonderful buildings in a truly stunning setting. However, step out into the grounds and you'll find hundreds of trees, shrubs and flowers that you won't see anywhere else in the UK. There are numerous viewpoints across the estuary and access to the golden sands below ( just beware of the fast rising tide). Spectacular day out!

5 by Steve Spooner Review source

I looooove this place!!! Very nice to visit
Lovely shops, colours and ambiance
We were very lucky to go on a sunny day
£12 for adults and completely worth it!! You can easily spend the day there, the shops close by 5:30pm but you can still stay in Portmeirion and walk around
There is a pottery expo at the moment, absolutely beautiful art!

5 by Veronica Escobar Review source

I wasn't quite prepared for just how utterly amazing this place was. I had seen photo's, watched The Prisoner and read glowing reviews before visiting but none of which did justice to just how beautiful and unique a wonderland that it actually is.

Just do yourself a favour...take your time and explore every inch and prepare to be amazed.

5 by David Goulding Review source

A beautiful quaint little village. There was a lot of building work going on, some areas roped off for this, and not everything was open. The £8 entrance fee seemed a little high for out of season given the above, but still had a lovely day, and in March we were even lucky enough to manage a pint outside in the sun without coats! Roll on the summer.

4 by Sarah H Review source

Such a pretty and interesting place! There's something for everyone here: pretty architecture and design, sweet little shops and cafes, a land train, sea views, woodland walks and gardens, and you can even stay in the eccentric but sweet buildings. We went on a very wet day with teenagers, but there was still plenty to keep us all busy and happy.

5 by Review source

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